Monday, December 1, 2014

"A Sweaty" Drenching and Fearful way to Wake Up...

Well, I have fussed and griped about this "sudden onset" of where I wake up in a drenching, T-Shirt, jogging pants, sheets, blanket, hair, bed kind of SWEAT!!! It has been happening now for about 4 years or so. I have asked all of my doctors and no one really gave me a straight answer. In fact, until today, I finally found out a real medical "name" for it! It is called "Primary or Secondary hyperhidrosis"!!!!

I happen to be glancing at some posts that came into the "Inspire" web blog site by the Arthritis Foundation. Low and behold there is a new post titled "Drenching Sweat"!!! So, I clicked to go and see if anyone had posted anything that might help point me to some kind of answer. I ALWAYS GET, could be your "chronic illnesses", RA, Lupus, etc... OR maybe "hormones"... these are NOT hot flashes... I am bone chilling, shaking, freezing at the same time sweating enough to wet towels down... even my robe last week one morning was totally drenched!

And the "weird" part of all, I usually NEVER SWEAT!! Very Rarely, even in the HEAT and HUMIDITY OF TEXAS, I may sweat a bit at my hair line in the Summer. But, I can work outside in the yard, etc... and yes maybe a bit, but NOTHING like this!!!

Anyway, one of the ladies had posted a link to Web M.D., that described it and gave a name for it. And yes "several" of my medications certainly could be a cause, plus the RA, Lupus and so forth.

The "oddest" thing, is the medication I use for Sjogren's. It is supposed to "help" with my salivary glands... it is called generically "Pilocarpine" or name brand Salagen. It TOPS the list with several other medications as being known to cause this!!!!  Happy, NO! I am not happy. I am not really sure that the medication does much for my salivary glands and other moisture as far as nose and eyes. But, it could certainly be a cause for this totally odd, off the wall, SWEATY RA chick!

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