Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year, New Ideas and hopefully a New Me in many ways... or getting back to the Old Me one of the two...

I had basically stopped thinking about playing songs, drumming and so forth after Jim's accident. At that time we did not know if he would even be able to walk, but less play the guitar. But such as all of the other miraculous things that he continues to do as he heals... brought me to a place today... that I want us to be playing and singing, as well as writing our own music again. This song hit me as I came home from the market... I have heard it several times, and just absolutely loved everything about it... so I came in and Jim grabbed his guitar, and I grabbed a mic... and we practiced and then recorded it!!! For me I was desperately wanting to know if the dentures changed my voice as far as singing. I know at times speaking they have... and I hope for the better once they can "pin down" the bottom ones.. So below I will post the lyrics...

But I do also want to put up a picture of me I took today, along with a "Happy New Year" to everyone out there.
As we close the door on 2014, many of us close it on a year of health problems, uncertainty as far as our nation, and our world. We close it on doctors, medications and insurance companies, on pharmacies, all of the ones that have not worked to help us before the new dawn of a New Year. Many of you know the trials, tribulations, and the entire host of issues for myself and my family. Never starting on on January 2014 could you have convinced me that year would be filled with such as a entire realm of horrors, from my own illness, to Jim's nightmare of an accident, that has left us still grasping at which place we may turn as we wander through almost blindly the days and nights of what is still considered unknown. Yet, through the loss of his own use of his legs, the pain, the massive damage to his spinal cord and body, it still is healing as we know. How much more will that be after March 26th, 2015 we are not sure of... it maybe that he still has healing through years to come... or it could be that after a year has ticked by, what he has in healing will be what we must accept as the most there will ever be. Don't get me wrong, we are both extremely thankful and feel blessed he has the abilities he has now. Never did we expect he would leave the hospital walking on a cane, and using a wheelchair only when he would have to do a great deal of being up walking and on his feet. Which honestly, we have been able to avoid the wheelchair all but about maybe 3 or 4 times since he got home. Yet, the sad part of that is that he does NOT get out much. He does NOT go to the store, or get out and ride around with me during errands or even leave the house much at all. His essence of leaving the house, is usually standing on the front porch and the occasional stroll around our yard. So, for that it is saddening to see him struggle with having to almost be cooped up constantly in this tiny home of ours. Then of course we have endured the months and months and more months of my loss of all of my teeth to Sjogren's and all of the evil things it does when you least expect it. It has been a mixed journey for me... one of great disheartened days. knowing now I must find a way to adjust to dentures, which I will tell you right now is NOT an EASY FEAT!!!! IF I have learned anything from this past year, it is to NEVER ask for anything expecting to get it. YOU MAY GET IT, but NEVER in a way you imagined. I prayed all my life for "pretty teeth". Which I meant more like having the money to get braces and have my own teeth "fixed"... yet I now have "pretty teeth", but they are artificial in nature, and are hard as hell to get used to. I STILL cannot eat many things I love... from lots of fresh fruits, to some things you would never think would be difficult to eat, are almost impossible for me. I still learn something new everyday about how to maneuver around eating with the things in my mouth. Plus I still have "miles" honestly to go before they are completely finished. Health and money have kind of put a "damper" on me finishing them up. So, I am still incomplete when it comes to my new pretty teeth. Alas, as others think, and some don't think this way, but I try not to wallow around in self pity and the "why me" stuff. Yet, when it seems around every twist and turn of the day's beginning to the day's end something off the cuff happens, it makes it extremely difficult to think "positive" thoughts, and keep the light of faith and hope burning brightly...
So, I wish for everyone near and far, whether friend, neighbor, family member or stranger that 2015 brings in truth of good cheer. I wish for all to have a much healthier 2015, and may many of us go into a state of "remission" from these horrid illnesses that haunt us day and night. May we find our insurance and financial woes all the better, and may somehow, someway, new ground be broken for less cost in medications that we desperately need. May the "rich world" of corporations and big business, stop for a moment, put their greediness aside and see that we as human, and chronically ill humans need to be able to afford the often life saving medications we need. May we grow stronger in our advocacy and voices. May we find our family and friends bonds ever more full of honor and strength than ever in the past. May we find a peace in our minds and hearts that can surpass the highest comet's tail, and rain down upon us, the "reign" of a new dawn, and of a healing of souls all over and around our globe. My hopes are that men and women put down their weapons, be it guns, words, swords, and vengeful ways... may we life each other up and not strike one another down with the raw wounds that hate, greed, and jealousy all so often leave behind. My hopes are that I am able to pen the greatest book, I have ever pinned yet. May my body, soul, mind and spirit allow me to finish what I have began now for several years. Yet, always "life" somewhere gets in the way.... so my entire wish for my own personal days in 2015 are to be filled with "the voice", "the muse", the talent of writing what my heart and mind want to tell everyone... May we lift one another up tonight at midnight and wish all of this and much more for all in 2015... Rhia

Here are the Lyrics to the song that brought me so much inspiration today....


"Roller Coaster"

She had a cross around her neck
And a flower in her hand
That I picked from the side of Thomas Drive
On our way to the sand
We found an old wooden chair
Still warm from the sun
Pushed it back, gave me a kiss
With Bacardi on her lips
And I was done

And we spent that week wide open
Upside down beside the ocean
I didn't know where it was goin'
Just tryin' to keep my heart on the tracks
I should've known that kind of feelin'
Would last longer than that week did
Blown away and barely breathin'
Sunday came and it was over
Now she's got me twisted
Like an old beach roller coaster

The rest of those days
Turned into long crazy nights
When the music got loud
We'd sneak away from the crowd
Under the boardwalk lights
And with all the things we said
What I just can't get past
Is the way we let it end
Now I'm wonderin' where she is
Knowin' I can't get that goodbye back


She's like a song playin' over and over
In my mind, where I still hold her
I had the chance and I should've told her

When we spent that week wide open
Upside down beside the ocean
I should've known where it was goin'
Still tryin' to keep my heart on the tracks
And I should've known that kind of feelin'
Would last longer than that week did
Blown away and barely breathin'
When Sunday came and it was over
Now she's got me twisted,
Yeah, I'm still twisted
Like that old beach roller coaster

Like that old beach roller coaster

Thanks to vmh1205, Daisy Garcia, pamela, Caleb DeChand, Tyler for correcting these lyrics.

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