Tuesday, January 6, 2015

As another year begins, Lupus, RA, pain, and trying to put those aside to be able to do something Outstanding!

An odd title, to say the least. But, everything about me, that I do, say, feel, see, is always "odd".

I've finally moved stuff around today, and got my stair climber exerciser in my Living Room. I put the stationary bike in the bedroom, because I desperately need an "entire" body workout starting today.

I've allowed myself to eat way too many things I should not, sit on my butt and find other things to occupy my time, and make excuses for not exercising. Thus now I "feel" the weight, see it, and I can tell that due to first of all getting lax on the walking, the weather being too cold, and lack and laziness of going through every day and every meal, mad and disappointed that I am honestly not able to eat as healthy as I usually do. The dentures are truly a huge hindrance depending on what you are trying to eat, thus as I said in a Facebook post, the very things that I loved and are healthy, I now cannot eat... like apples, fresh veggies... and the other things that are low in calories, high in nutrition, and don't let you get saggy and baggy...

Holidays are always difficult. There are so many goodies out there to temp everyone, between, cakes, cookies, candy, and the rest of the things... that temptation gets the best of us. Then, when you can't eat everything you are used to eating... (and you would be totally shocked at what some things are that I can or can't eat with these stupid things in)... then you really just get to the point of not caring what the heck it is... food you just see as food... and the rest of the time you are fighting to keep the stupid bottom denture in or trying to keep them from rubbing a sore spot in your mouth.... and so forth.

So, the entire thing I was SO HOPING would be out of my face by Jan 2015... and yet I am still facing the mess... and not anywhere near through, and certainly not anywhere near wanting to drop that kind of cash into a damned dentists or anyone's lap for sure...

Why does that type of stuff have to be so freaking blazing expensive???? I mean I realize they have an office, and employees and equipment, but hell I don't know many people who could REALLY AFFORD to have this mess done completely and have the "dime" to drop on it all at once... and I look up and it's almost 5:00 pm... where the hell did this day go to????

More to come tomorrow... Off and out for now...

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