Sunday, January 11, 2015

Old Enough to be a "Grandparent or maybe even a Great Grand Parent" and having babies??? PLease someone explain!?

Okay, maybe this is just me, but, I was reading an article out of my AARP magazine and it was talking about women OVER the AGE of 50!, I am talking about one woman who is 60 years old... having KIDS!!! They are waiting until they have made a half century here on the planet, then go in, have IVF and not only have 1 child, but often have TWINS!!!! Now, I do know my Dad was the "baby" of the family. He had 9 older brothers and sisters, some of them half brothers and sisters, and his Mom had him fairly late in her life. I am thinking she may have been in her 50's. Back then, in the 1st place, my Dad's father, outlived two wives. The 3rd one also was a widow, and had lost her husband, and her and my Grandfather had been friends when they were very young. My Grandfather left Tennessee, was here in TX, and lost two wives. Somehow he went back to Tennessee for a visit or something, and met up with this lady, that he had known back in their teens and 20's... She also was a widow... and had lost her husband. So, when Dad was born, his Mom was already well into her 50's early I would say, and my Grandfather was over 60.

My Dad and a couple of his brothers came along after the both of them had other kids by other marriages, so they were spread apart somewhat as far as age.

But, in the days to read that a woman decides either she wants a kid, gets married, and then discover they want a baby!!!!!! At 55, 60 years old??? Are you kidding me???

I am continually telling my daughter who is now 30 herself that newborns are for the younger generation. Most people over 50 years old, first of all may not have the health needed, or could have severe complications during birth, for the baby or Mom, or both. There are just so many things to take into consideration... and then the nights of no sleep, or very little, babies with colic, and my nerves are already grated down to a very fine thin line, how the heck does a woman in their
50 years plus have enough of anything to make a little child have a great life...

I know there are exceptions to every rule. And there are some women that are up in age, that could conceivably be able to carry a child full term, no complications, and delivery a healthy baby. But, think about the years a woman has been through and all of the changes that our body's go through. From the time we are very young, hormones begin to evolve and we step from one phase of our lives into another one it seems with each decade. In our teen's we are almost too young for having children. Then in our 20's through about 32 or so, most likely is the time our own bodies can take the carrying of a baby, the delivery, and all of the changes we go through after delivery. It is not an easy task for any woman, no matter what age, plus no matter how well and easy the pregnancy goes. It still takes its toll on us, physically, mentally, emotionally, and energy wise. Then we live usually for at least the first 15 years of that child's life in an emotional "thunderstorm" of worry, resolve, hoping, praying, and trying to keep our kids safe, happy and healthy. Even after they are graduated from High School, and either make their way out to spread their wings and soar to A and M like some of my friends in high school were very fortunate that they did get grants, to help along with college tuition and so forth. Even when our kids leave home, marry, go to work, and have their own kids, it is just more like we are continuing to "walk them through" the years of their lives...
Thus the notion that I felt lousy for one reason or the other, and I went into a doctor at 45 or more years old, and he told me I was expecting... I would either faint, kick his butt, or kick my own... or tell him it had to be an Immaculate Conception  HAHAHAHAHA.... as for myself, I had my tubes burned, severed. separated and all the "works" at 35 taken out to a more than partial hysterectomy. I did not want to take any chances on birth control failure when I had two kids, a boy and a girl... already fairly well grown, and headed out of their own.
The very last thing I ever wanted to even imagine was something go "south" and find out I was expecting...

Needless to say, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, both, run screaming, or tell someone at AARP those women needed a good look at the funny farm... because they had lost their minds.... ;)

By the way, there is a new thing AARP... if you are a member, and enjoy the perks... I know one of mine is being hooked into Walgreens. I do get a great deal extra points at times, there are other things like discounts and so forth it provides. Now the latest thing they have on their site, is where you can do these small "trivial" games. Some of them are quite entertaining, plus I learned some things I didn't know. So, I appreciated that little factoid.

So, go to the main AARP website, and on the front page there will be a link to it. I have already about 6,000 or more points accumulated.. you can use them for discounts on trips, eating out, gift cards, flowers, shopping, motels, and so on.

I will warn you they are a it "addicting".... I started off with a couple of them, then found myself wanting to learn more, so I was playing more of those than I intended to....

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