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Monday, October 24, 2016

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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A Letter to children (mine included) if something happens such as Alzheimer's or Dementia to me....

Here is a wonderful but hard to think about article with a "letter" to their Children from someone who thinks about Alzheimer's and what they want to share with their children....

And after witnessing what this horrid disease did to my Granny, my Papa and some with my Dad, and now what it is doing to my Mom at such a rpaid rate... a woman that just 7 months ago was just waiting for my two abscesses to get well enough so we could go to Winstar for a night, that now cannot turn her washer, dryer, microwave, TV, or just about anything "on" or use it... has no clue how to "drive" her car, & cannot recall how to take her medications, but also I have watched her go down in physical appearance, she is shriveling up to nothing, she barely eats, but will right now drink the Ensure's and drink Diet Drinks, and she NEVER used to like any type of soda that much, she has not put on "street" clothes in months, she "cut up" her card to the Casino, lost her SS card, her Medicare card, 3 credit cards within 2 weeks, can't pay a bill, or make out a check, has no clue what any of her bills mean, and even though I have just about all of them on auto pay, two of them I am going to have to put on just emailing them to me, she was almost late on one this past week. I did not know she got it in the mail, and finally she happened to show it to me, many days she is almost bedridden, thank goodness yesterday was BETTER, for a change... she was up and out of the bed yesterday, and was "more alert' and understood more, although again, I had to start her washer, then put the clothes in the dryer.... she thought her money was "running low" and I told her Mom, you are NOT spending any money, other than your regular bills, so nothing is wrong with your finances... she cannot recall the day, month, or day of the week most of the time...
 I have never seen her home as in a disarray as it is now... and even her, she no longer barely cares for herself in appearance, and I feel does not care to.... anyway that is just a few things that Lisa Lisman Walker, you totally understand and more, and you helped me so much... I am now more aware of why or why not on some of the things she is doing... plus Mom is also in chronic pain too... I feel it is her lower lumbar spine, plus arthritis in other places also... she had it already in her hands and so forth, but with her back, and she has some stenosis, some discs that are not good, and bone spurs etc... but the only thing they can do is give her medication... they did one round of injections, but unless she gets a bit better mentally, I do not think she would even think about going back for those... and she cannot take NSAIDS due to kidney functions... so she will be on medications the rest of her life... and if she does not take them as she should, then it puts her in bed worse due to the pain.... 
SO, THE MESSAGE HERE IS... this "letter" is also to my two children Amanda Batson- Matheny and Jason Harber - I will write you both to tell you many of the things this woman says in hers... IF I EVER GET THIS HORRID DISEASE... just put me in a special "home" for these types of patients, especially when I am getting this bad... because I NEVER would want either of you to have to deal with me in this capacity... I am trying my best to keep Mom at her home, and feel it is "too late" to try and "build on" to put her here with me... plus I feel she would not be happy, if we did... if I can keep her in her home as long as possible, with the help of Home Health Care, Meals on Wheels, and myself, then I shall do that... but I want you both to be able to always LIVE YOUR LIVES...Mandi, with your family, and Jason, you also... you have a life ahead of you, and you may too have a wife, and someday kids if you chose that route, and I do not want either of you to have to deal with what I see and hear daily. I want you both to remember that I love you both too the "moon and back" twice, and that if it came to me being like this, I still love you and I would understand if you could not yourselves take care of me... do how I am doing Granny, and let me stay with my own home and puppies, as long as I can... and if with help from Home Health care, and so forth, I still cannot be "alone" then I want you to put me where I can be cared for, but not have to be a "burden" in your lives.... I love you both and miss us not being close, "physically" as to where we live, but that does not change the fact that I love the both of you more than life itself.... Mom Rhia Steele "All things Autoimmune"

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Old Enough to be a "Grandparent or maybe even a Great Grand Parent" and having babies??? PLease someone explain!?

Okay, maybe this is just me, but, I was reading an article out of my AARP magazine and it was talking about women OVER the AGE of 50!, I am talking about one woman who is 60 years old... having KIDS!!! They are waiting until they have made a half century here on the planet, then go in, have IVF and not only have 1 child, but often have TWINS!!!! Now, I do know my Dad was the "baby" of the family. He had 9 older brothers and sisters, some of them half brothers and sisters, and his Mom had him fairly late in her life. I am thinking she may have been in her 50's. Back then, in the 1st place, my Dad's father, outlived two wives. The 3rd one also was a widow, and had lost her husband, and her and my Grandfather had been friends when they were very young. My Grandfather left Tennessee, was here in TX, and lost two wives. Somehow he went back to Tennessee for a visit or something, and met up with this lady, that he had known back in their teens and 20's... She also was a widow... and had lost her husband. So, when Dad was born, his Mom was already well into her 50's early I would say, and my Grandfather was over 60.

My Dad and a couple of his brothers came along after the both of them had other kids by other marriages, so they were spread apart somewhat as far as age.

But, in the days to read that a woman decides either she wants a kid, gets married, and then discover they want a baby!!!!!! At 55, 60 years old??? Are you kidding me???

I am continually telling my daughter who is now 30 herself that newborns are for the younger generation. Most people over 50 years old, first of all may not have the health needed, or could have severe complications during birth, for the baby or Mom, or both. There are just so many things to take into consideration... and then the nights of no sleep, or very little, babies with colic, and my nerves are already grated down to a very fine thin line, how the heck does a woman in their
50 years plus have enough of anything to make a little child have a great life...

I know there are exceptions to every rule. And there are some women that are up in age, that could conceivably be able to carry a child full term, no complications, and delivery a healthy baby. But, think about the years a woman has been through and all of the changes that our body's go through. From the time we are very young, hormones begin to evolve and we step from one phase of our lives into another one it seems with each decade. In our teen's we are almost too young for having children. Then in our 20's through about 32 or so, most likely is the time our own bodies can take the carrying of a baby, the delivery, and all of the changes we go through after delivery. It is not an easy task for any woman, no matter what age, plus no matter how well and easy the pregnancy goes. It still takes its toll on us, physically, mentally, emotionally, and energy wise. Then we live usually for at least the first 15 years of that child's life in an emotional "thunderstorm" of worry, resolve, hoping, praying, and trying to keep our kids safe, happy and healthy. Even after they are graduated from High School, and either make their way out to spread their wings and soar to A and M like some of my friends in high school were very fortunate that they did get grants, to help along with college tuition and so forth. Even when our kids leave home, marry, go to work, and have their own kids, it is just more like we are continuing to "walk them through" the years of their lives...
Thus the notion that I felt lousy for one reason or the other, and I went into a doctor at 45 or more years old, and he told me I was expecting... I would either faint, kick his butt, or kick my own... or tell him it had to be an Immaculate Conception  HAHAHAHAHA.... as for myself, I had my tubes burned, severed. separated and all the "works" at 35 taken out to a more than partial hysterectomy. I did not want to take any chances on birth control failure when I had two kids, a boy and a girl... already fairly well grown, and headed out of their own.
The very last thing I ever wanted to even imagine was something go "south" and find out I was expecting...

Needless to say, I didn't know whether to laugh, cry, both, run screaming, or tell someone at AARP those women needed a good look at the funny farm... because they had lost their minds.... ;)

By the way, there is a new thing AARP... if you are a member, and enjoy the perks... I know one of mine is being hooked into Walgreens. I do get a great deal extra points at times, there are other things like discounts and so forth it provides. Now the latest thing they have on their site, is where you can do these small "trivial" games. Some of them are quite entertaining, plus I learned some things I didn't know. So, I appreciated that little factoid.

So, go to the main AARP website, and on the front page there will be a link to it. I have already about 6,000 or more points accumulated.. you can use them for discounts on trips, eating out, gift cards, flowers, shopping, motels, and so on.

I will warn you they are a it "addicting".... I started off with a couple of them, then found myself wanting to learn more, so I was playing more of those than I intended to....

Friday, August 29, 2014

Thursday, March 6, 2014

PART 2 - Do Your "trust" your Own "instincts" Over some of the Medical Professionals (AutoImmune Illnesses or Not)

since this story was "ongoing" until even right at this moment, I've decided to bring the "rest" of it to you in a 2nd part)

Thus... this is a continuation of my prior post....  (PART 2!) -

Do Your "trust" your Own "instincts" Over some of the Medical Professionals (AutoImmune Illnesses or Not)...

Being Caught in an Upheaval Between An Insurance Company, A Physician's Office, My Own Autoimmune "Flaring" Body, A Pharmacy, and What to Trust? Myself, My Doctor... Any of us... we are all susceptible to "Medical Mistakes"... And How do We Avoid those? Or Can We?...

First of all I want to bring something to your attention, that my own Pain Physician brought to mine last Thursday. I felt after I had written the 1st part of this, surely that "ongoing saga" would end. Well, folks, I was mistaken, and here is the "rest of the story"....

I am not sure how much you have paid attention, but when was the last time on any "piece of medical documentation" (i.e. especially insurance and so forth) have you actually seen a doctor or physician called a "doctor or physician"? No sir, probably not in a long time. Now, the term "provider" has taken over the entire realm of medical professionals, our "Primary Care Providers"? What the hell is that? I consider "PCP" to mean Primary Care Physician. It was well pointed out to me, that in the 1970's, the terms like doctor, physician, nurse, and all of the "correct" titles of our medical specialists out there suddenly disappeared. Almost as if "David Copperfield" had came in and took them out of the language. Anyone can be a "service provider". Your plumber is a provider of service. The guy that takes your groceries out to your car, also is a "service provider". What about the mechanic that works on your car, "service provider". Well, she or he, DID provider YOU with a SERVICE! But, did they provide you with a medical item? Did they check you for an infection, take your blood pressure, write down all of your health concerns, and then turn those over to the next professional, your physician, that certainly should know more about your health and body, than the tires on your car. Good question. Same way with us. If you start looking at insurance paperwork, bills, anything medical, you will begin to notice, you are no longer a "patient". You are no longer someone who is ill, and is in need of a doctor. You are a "client", or some other manner of terminology that takes the "medical" portion out of it. Now why would this happen? Well, as my Pain Physician explained it, it was mainly due to "Medicare" and of course then the insurance companies that knew if they "took out" specific terminology for people such as physicians, nurses, patients, and so on... and put in generic terms such as "provider" or "client", then alas they can "charge a different price for things". They can take what should be just what it is, a physician's officer, and turn it into a "business", with a board of directors, and do you think those people sitting on that board of directors cares about all of their "doctors, nurses, medical professionals, and the patients?" Well, more than likely they are thinking about the "stock holders", or the "political power", or the "loop holes" that can NOW be created, because this is not a medical doctors professional office. It is a business, for clients. 
I found a very interesting article about this. After my Pain doctor and I had a very long conversation about how Medicare, Insurance, and the entire realm of our Medical Professionals, doctors, nurses, labs, hospitals, clinics... are going straight down the tubes, while those "fat cats" sit up on Capitol Hill, laughing in our faces, and could care less if I have a Lupus and RA flare! So what? BUT, if I could for ONE DAY deliver HE or SHE with the severity of pain, stiffness, fatigue, the LACK of any quality of life, could not go to a meeting or to work, could not clean the house, or go shopping. If THEY could have each and every symptom many of us go through in just 24 HOURS, I wonder where they would be looking, crying, begging, and doing everything in their own power to have a physician DO SOMETHING. Plus they had to fight the pharmacy, the insurance company, the doctor due to his fear of giving medication due to all the red tape, how long do you think it would take to make some HUGE CHANGES on Capitol Hill, and in our Doctors offices, pharmacies, insurance companies, and I would bet that those "lobbyists" that make those big bucks for supporting charging 2,000.00 for a 5.00 bottle of medication or more... all of that would be put to "bed" quicker that any one of us could shake a stick at. 
Boy, talk about having the "wool pulled over many of our eyes"! Let's face it, those of us "fighting" tooth and nail, almost dripping blood just trying to get SOMEONE, ANYONE to help are NOT stupid people. But, we have become so disenguaged, disenchanted, tired of the battle, lost hope in the true meaning of what this nation is SUPPOSED to stand for... become those that are giving up, because we do not feel we can win against Congress. Whether it is state, local, Federal... and all in between those with MONEY DO... and those with OUT MONEY do WITHOUT!
Here is the article link and if you do a search you also will be able to find information on this and why it took place:

I release this gentleman goes on to talk about "Concierge" type of Medical Care. In many ways, it would make total sense. For us that do NOT have insurance. For those of us who must pay cash. These physicians in many ways would make "more money" by charging the patients on a "cash basis" than what the EVER see from an insurance company! 
I don't know about you, but when my "Explanation of Benefits" comes in from Humana, and in the first place a doctor has charged $450.00, for a 3 minute consultation, right there you know things are screwed up.  But, take a look at what the insurance "really" paid that physician? He charges $450.00. The "insurance" gives a "negotiated" discount of $395.00. Let's say my "co-pay"was $40.00. Well, let's see. The insurance paid him a total of $15.00! In the first place, I PAID MORE in a "co-pay" than the INSURANCE DID on the actual bill. And guess what? My insurance paid a surmountable $15.00 for that visit. 

Now I am not sure about you, but something sounds too fishy in the fish tank on that one. What about these bills (and my husband STILL argues it is NOT true, but it is)... you go into the hospital for a "routine outpatient surgery". The outpatient portion of the hospital bill goes to the insurance company for this and it is $15,000.00. Your co-pay is $200.00, of which they quickly make sure you pay BEFORE THE SURGERY! You get the "EOB" in a few weeks. Okay there is the charge for $15,000.00. You paid your $200.00 co-pay. The "insurance plan" negotiated with that outpatient clinic that they would pay $300.00 on that procedure. So, they got "billed" $15,000.00! They were told the patient owed $200.00, which you paid. And the insurance paid an entire amount of $300.00! So that means that bill in total was paid "correctly" at a total of the $500.00. What about the other $14,500.00? Well, that outpatient clinic has to "write off" that, because they were told that on the one procedure, it should only cost an average of $500.00. Thus the rest they "eat", basically! Now before you think WHAT??? No wonder they can't stay in business! NO ONE STOPPED to think that the procedure you had may NOT have cost no where near $15,000.00! Let's say on the average it costs $550.00 for that same thing to be done over the nation. SO, who charged whom TOO MUCH, and WHOM paid whom too little or too much? I worked in a hospital business office for 6 years, which was about 5 too many, as a patient "counselor". In other words, I was the one trying to get them to pay their bills. Well, I also did a great deal more than just that. I "refiled" claims, helped them get the insurance to pay, and so on. NOT any more! Boy, "if" they file it, you are lucky. And to get them to "refile" a claim, is nearly impossible! Plus, if I had TALKED to any of my patients the same way I have been spoken to by those in the medical business offices these days, I would have lost my job the first week I was there! I cannot begin to tell you that I've been called everything from an idiot, to a moron, to told I was stupid and should just pay the bill! And that was the "nice" people! Yes, but it was NOT so nice, the times I am correct. When I FINALLY get to the RIGHT person, and I AM CORRECT, they filed WRONG, and then called me an idiot when they told me my Mom owed over $500.00 for a surgery, that she only paid $200.00 for the MORNING of her surgery, I can tell you that ALL of the women in that "office" are NO LONGER employed there. It literally took me 6 months, over that really, hours and hours of phone calls to them, to the insurance company, and visits when I was basically told to get out of the office.... and THEN A LETTER TO THE PHYSICIAN! Guess what! Within 3 days, there was an extremely NICE gentleman that was HEAD over that outpatient facility, that begged, sweetly, and apologized 20 times for "their horrible mistakes". And how he told me that he "thanked me", because they had also BILLED OTHER PATIENTS, for MONEY THEY DID NOT OWE! MMMMM... wonder how many elderly people paid those bills... and no telling how much... and then hopefully got a refund! 
If you cannot get anywhere, I can tell you a letter to the proper physician, usually works quite quickly. Especially when he is a portion of the Board of Directors, of the medical facility! But, more than once, even over a huge issue from when I was so ill in 2010, and spend way over 6 weeks in two hospitals. Again after months of fighting, I wrote my doctor a very explain and thorough letter, and within about 5 days, the entire situation was a mute point!

Alas comes to the NOW what I shall call the 2nd portion of a "Rhia's Week from Hell" with doctors, medical facilities, pharmacies, and the like.

I did the "stool samples" for the "PA" Monday, a week ago tomorrow. They were taken in, and I found out easily that they could have been processed within a couple of hours, no problem at the hospital. But, no the nurse from hades told my husband it would be 3 DAYS! Well, as he had told her, I would be dead by then. As he tried to explain again for the 10th time, We WERE very concerned about this HORRIBLE, unstoppable diarrhea I had. Again, not a budge... just another comment about "take her to the ER" if you don't like what we have to say! 

So, three days went by, and at that time, I was NOT well yet at all. In fact the flares were worse, I was  even more weak and fatigued, and all I knew to do was NOT take those antibiotics for sure, keep hydrated as much as possible, rest, and try and keep something bland in my stomach. Then I found the natural probiotic (IF we could find it in this small town) MIGHT help. I had read several people giving it rave reviews. Thus since I was NOT going to the ER, unless I got much worse, or if something else happened, we did what we could do ourselves. Well, it took about honestly 9 days, I believe, but first back to the days for the "test" results. No phone call, no email (they usually email me labs etc), nothing. SO, Friday, I called. This is truly the answer I got. I asked if the results were in. The girl on the phone said, well yes, they are. Then she said well, I will print them and lay them on the "PA's" desk. Well, I knew then there was NO WAY that chicken woman, nor her nurse would call me back. And so I was correct. About 7 hours later, I get a call from a VERY new. very young nurse there, and she said. Well, the PA said there was no bacteria in the lab work. And THAT WAS IT! NOT anything like, well how is she doing? Did she get any better? What about the Flares? NOT ONE DAMNED WORD!...NADA... ALL I heard was no bacteria, and click... that was it! Which, I already expected! But, the audacity of a "professional" that is supposed to be a PA, to my doctor who has been seeing me now since 2008, and HE is the ONE that usually IS EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS when it comes to me! In fact the "last time" I saw him, I had bronchitis. That was about 3 months ago or less. He told me then, YOU are very complex. You can go from a mild cause of bronchitis, to being in ICU on a ventilator within hours! I ALWAYS take special efforts to insure you get exactly the care you need due to the autoimmune issues you have. NOW, from that to his "PA" basically telling me to kiss her butt... within less than 3 months time! Wonder if they have PROBLEMS THERE????

*********** NOW. there is MORE to the STORY!!!!!!

After a very long drawn out affair in getting the PAIN PUMP FINALLY refilled on MONDAY, that also took forever, even my pain doctor just has this "odd" attitude. He seemed to be almost more cordial to my husband (and he is a new patient) than me, who has been seeing him since 2008. I NEVER did get quite over to him about the severity of the pain I am going through, and I am STILL going through yet this morning... 

This is NOW Thursday at almost NOON on March 6th! I am in still SO MUCH excruciating pain, I could just fall off the Earth right now and be happy.... for at least I would NOT feel so CRAPPY anymore! 

And again the ongoing "Rhia's Murphy's Law" continues. Rather than have 3 "things", mine are like at 53 things and climbing each day. Again, as I've said over the past 14 days or so, this has turned into total insanity.

AS I just said, today is Thursday. On Tuesday, my Mom had an appointment with the jackass doctors office, but just for labs. She was also told that he would not be in the office until after the 25th of March. So, they moved her appointment to then. Well, she went in Tuesday for the labs, and you know how she is, she is VERY nosy. :) Well, after asking about so many "new faces" and she is right, everyone that used to be there is just about gone. The past year each time you go in either everyone in the front office is different or the nurses are different... it is just nuts. Well, first of all she found out the majority of the employees that are there now, have been there LESS than 9 months. That right there tells me something is very wrong.

She finally asked where "Dr. Blair" was? Mom told them about the conversation of him being out until the 25th of March and due to that her appointment was changed to that day, rather than next week and so forth. Mom said she could see them all "huddling" in the hallway down from the main front door of the office. I am sure probably decided what Mom would either ask next or how to handle it. She found one of the nurses that have been there for awhile, and the one thing is that our Dr. Blair, with a wife and THREE stair step kids, like 5, 3 and less than 2 or so... are "splitting the sheets" so they say. Undoubtably his wife is divorcing him. Well, does not surprise me, because first of all he is NEVER at home... never... plus the "nurse" he had for a very long time, all of a sudden quietly "disappeared" about 7 months ago... and she was beside him for everything! Where he went, Nursing home, hospital, weekends, nights, whatever, she was with him. I kind of got the impression that their "time" together may have not been "all" work... but I don't know that at all. That is just something I observed even 3 or more years ago.

Anyway, it gets better. About 2:45 in the afternoon my phone rings, and it is the doctor's office. They said "Ms. St...." and I said yes, you mean my Mom? They said no, you. I said oh, well okay, you have me. What's up? NOW (funny how "lab" work changes suddenly)... this nurse is saying that the SAME PA that told me there was NOTHING in the lab stool samples on Friday last week, all of a sudden DOES CONTAIN a BACTERIAL TYPE YEAST - kind of like Thrush! I almost dropped the few teeth I do have in my mouth out on the floor! My question was " What did you say?" Again she repeats the PA's, name and said she needed to let me know they called in a script for me, because I do show a "bacterial type yeast issue" in the samples from last!

Well, I was in such shock, dismay, mad, angry, pissed, ready to slap the wall, kick my trash can, call them liars.... and of course,  I said , well, okay. She tells me to "stop" a med I usually take for one day, take this pill, then I can go back to my regular meds. Now how the hell a stool sample, collected a week ago yesterday, that shows the results arrived back at the doctors office I think late Thursday night, and Friday seemed to "show nothing wrong", ALL of a SUDDEN, guess a bird did it. ;) and now it DOES SHOW something wrong!

My first thought, and I am almost 100 percent sure I am right, me getting that phone call yesterday, was ALL tied into MOM, and that lab work she had done about 2:00 pm yesterday in the office... and all of her questions led up to someone deciding it could be that THEY BETTER go LOOK, since my bet it NOT ONE SOUL saw those lab results until yesterday. I thoroughly believed they were printed, put on the PA's desk or possibly the Doctors, and they told the nurse to call me back and tell me nothing showed up. If I were a really betting soul, I would be betting lots for sure.

I also believe that after Mom's inquest while she was there, did some shaking and moving.  I am sure our doctor heard it all... and you can believe he probably has those results, and he had looked himself yesterday and saw that there WAS A PROBLEM! Also, I had asked Friday for those to be sent to me from the labs. I ever got them. So, yesterday, I asked the nurse to please find somebody that can send those labs to me today! And this is now I know how new the bunch is... I've had 4 people in the past couple of weeks tell me that have no clue how to "upload" or work with the "patient portal"!!!??? WHAT!??? That is what it is for... so WE can get OUR results etc... and not have to wait for someone to copy it, mail it etc... with the few keystrokes it takes, it is on my portal and ready for me to read. So, within about 45 minutes sure enough it was on my "portal". AND right up AT THE VERY TOP... the first thing that was "abnormal" and way out of range was the "bacterial yeast infection"!!!

Then I go to the dentist yesterday morning, thinking he was going to begin "patching" and working on the ones he could. Well, nope, he ONLY looked, and said well I see at LEAST 6 holes (in 6 different teeth)... 2 or 3 at least hurting on the right side so badly, I cannot stand anything to touch them. And guess what... he is out of the office until next week .... and he can't even begin until next Tuesday... and he has osteoarthritis so bad in his hands... he cannot do many things. like he can't extract a tooth at all... and all the time he works on you...he moans and groans... I feel for him... he is not that much difference in age than myself a few years older, but basically his career is almost gone... and it sucks... BUT it also sucks that now I have to wait IN PAIN until next week. And further more, he won't really even know about whether he can "patch" anything... once he begins looking they may ALL HAVE TO BE PULLED! So, even that has been weighing on my mind... I have the other dentist here that my dentists sends me to when it is something like having a tooth removed that he can't do any longer. But, the more I wait the worse they get. So, I am trying to decide whether to just go to the other dentist for all of it... but I do know he charges quite a bit more also... and if I have that many... then even just to pull the damned things will be over 100.00 EACH! I might as well go to the oral surgeon, have them all pulled and begin on those "snap in" type of dentures. Which if Humana will do as the woman told me on the phone, and PAY for it since this is caused by ILLNESS, then the money is not such a huge issue.

Besides with the way things are looking, I am facing dental implants, even though these dentists are not exactly for them, if you can keep a tooth in your head. Well, I agree. Besides my hair, LOSING my teeth was something I swore I would never be able to live with. Well, guess what? Guess I am living with it.

So, then let's deal with this pain pump issue. It finally got refilled Monday, lock me out for 24 hours while the new medication made it's way into the spinal canal, and then I could use my boluses. Well, I thought at that time, from there it would be a good possibility that my body may "adjust" to the Enbrel after a couple of doses, my pain pump would be back as is, hopefully for the most part this stomach mess is going away, BUT we have a dramatic weather change. A couple of days ago it went from 70 DEGREES at 2AM and by 8AM it was dropping quickly. By Noon of that day it was WELL Below FREEZING and the wind chills were sitting at a new record of about 4 degrees. I knew two days before, that we were going to have one hell of a change, my entire body was screaming out about it. Sure enough it hit... and the pain just went down hill faster than the temps did... as of now, the pain is in so many places, and It hurts is so many different ways... I cannot begin to even describe how badly it really is.

I don't know about the dentist yet... and how I will handle it all. I took my 3rd injection of Enbrel this morning...  and I know it is early, but I do not see any difference, in fact I feel worse. Now Jim has the chills and body aches again, and has been feeling "flu like" symptoms since last night.

ALL of the lists, of lists... of the list and the other lists that I made... are NOT getting done... I can't seem to think about one thing for very long, other than PAIN! If I get up and do something, of course it takes my mind off the pain. But, then I am NOT getting anything else done, and I don't have anything ready for the trip in less that two weeks. Under the circumstances, and if things do not dramatically improve with my pain and health, there is no way I would make the trip anyway. I am so fatigued, run down, hurting, not sleeping, could care less about what I eat, anything... I have had everything from  a piece of cake for breakfast to graham crackers, apples and peanut butter. Or toast, or you know mainly something I don't have to chew very much. I was drinking coffee yesterday morning and slivers of teeth were coming off! And I was NOT eating anything!

I tell all of this, and there is yet much more to finish this... so there maybe a 3rd "method" to my already slim to none, to insanity of my brain before I am through with it.

I will say this.... I am working on doing some things for the Arthritis Foundation in regard to some advocacy stuff a couple of them asked me to help out with.

I want to about there 3 BILLS - Congressional Bills... pieces of Legislature that are going to effect ALL of us.... especially those with chronic pain, chronic illnesses, autoimmune issues... plus Pediatric issues also.... here are the numbers of them and a brief description... if you have time... take a bit and go to really SEE and UNDERSTANDING the critical issues of these... and just how much worse things will be if we don't make changes NOW!

There is much more on the website! Take a look under advocacy and you will see what they are addressing in 2014 as priorities with Congress. Write or email your Congressional Leaders, Senators, House of Representatives, the President of the USA, the head over Medicare/Medicaid.... and any all you can find that have to do with these bills and laws, or any others pertaining to our health and well being... call, email, twitter, post on FB, snail mail... but DO SOMETHING! If things were not so BAD as far as Medicare and that entire ordeal.... I, nor many of you would be in the horrible shape we are in.....

 Patients’ Access to Treatments Act (H.R. 460)

H.R. 1827, the Pediatric Subspecialty and Mental Health Workforce Reauthorization Act

"Post-Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis" in the Peer-reviewed Medical Research Program, Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program of the Defense Appropriations Bill, FY2015

Part 3 to follow!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thankful... Grateful... Blessed... A Holiday for Reflection...

What Will You Reflect Upon this Holiday Season...

Well, as superficial as this is to be a morning to be thankful for so much. Right now I am very thankful my new I MAC came in yesterday afternoon very late may I say.  LOL! I sat here on pins and needles all day long, listening for the FEDEX truck. Of course I must have been the very last stop on his delivery schedule. It was almost 4pm before I finally heard that truck from down the street! I had hoped all day long that my computer was not sitting in a broken down truck, or got left in Hutchins accidentally at the hub and so forth. Well, my fears were squelched because it arrived safe and sound. Gosh, thankful?! I am thankful for so many things in my life. My husband, my family, friends, as horrible as my health seems at times, I am still up right walking, and bless people's heart I still can speak, some probably think too much!  I am much like most of us. It is purest "human nature" to fuss, gripe, whine, moan and groan. Whether it is about family, spouses, kids, finances, jobs, bills, health and healthcare for sure, and the list is endless of things that tend to grate our nerves. But, today is one day to reflect upon the many, many blessings we have in health, family, homes, kids, and in life. As I said a moment ago in a post, it is a cliche' to say, "It could be so much worse". Well, yes, in our heart's, even though there are days our minds don't quite follow, we know it could be a great deal worse. As we open our newspapers, or look at our favorite news reader; perhaps listen to the "nightly news", all around us is much, much worse. Some of it almost too terrible to even speak of. We have seen it so much, heard it so much, talked about it so much, from politics, to foreign nations, from job loss, to the horror in our nation from human willing to hurt others like themselves, that we truly have become complacent to it. Or, I don't think so much as we've become "complacent", for myself I just almost don't want to "stomach" more of the same. There seems to be very little to no "good news". We don't hear about the puppy saved down the street, or how a town completely rebuilt itself after a flood, fire or some horrific incident. Oh, we hear about the horrific incident all right. In fact to me that is the main problem ALL we HEAR and SEE are the "bad" things happening around the globe. I've questioned that numerous times, whatever happened to "good" news? My husband answers because "good" news doesn't sell. For the most part, people want the "blood, guts, and horror". Take a look at all of our movies, our television shows, the games that our kids and that some of us as grown ups play on our latest video's boxes. Is there much good anymore? What happened to "Pac Man or Woman"? What happened to "Mario"? What happened to "Pretty Woman", or "City of Angels"? Look around and yes there is violence, horror, man kind against their own, floods, droughts, fires, loss... a great sense of loss... and no one knows more about loss that each and every family with military folks. Those people know loss. Even though they may not physically have someone they "lose" as far as that route of eternity. Yet, they suffer "loss" from all sense of direction, when they come home from what they have had to endure, see, hear and do. So, as you spend time today with family, with friends, with just your spouse, or possibly maybe just yourself... let's try to reflect upon all of the true goodness we do have. Even though it "could" go away tomorrow, try in the next days ahead to "hold onto" those good thoughts. The world CAN be a better place. Just look around, and you might just see something good right at your own door step. Happy Thanksgiving, and I am very Happy to have my family, and my "online" family! Be blessed, Be safe, and please ..... Don't get too sick on all of the fantastic food!  Rhia                                                                                                           

Saturday, October 30, 2010

All Kinds of Things Going on personally and in our nation.

Many of you probably had your eyes glued to your television sets yesterday, much like my husband and myself did. We were going to take a break, and eat a quick "brunch", as we began to hear the news on CNN. At that time we had not had the opportunity to read any of the breaking news, but it was evident that something potentially bad was happening in several of our airports. As we began to listen to the events unfold, it was an extremely familiar reminder of September 11, 2001. Possible explosives headed for Chicago. Planes possibly carrying packages with explosives in them. Several airports under alert, and also at least 2 airports, one in the UK, and another in Dubai, effected by all of this. It was such a reminder of the morning of 9/11, when the world was glued at that time to their televisions, radios, and anywhere they could to get the latest about airplanes running into the World Trade Center towers in New York, as other ones were a seeming threat to the White House, and also to the Pentagon, as another crashed into that building. It was a living night terror, surreal and just to the point of some of us wondering if it was a huge hoax, kind of like HG Wells, and the alien trick played so many years ago, before television was even invented. It was a huge story line, and his book depicted the "events" in such a manner in a journalistic format, which made the story unfold as if it were real.

Of course, yesterdays events unfolded and all of us knew it was not some elaborate hoax, but was a very real situation. One that now has left us with many unanswered questions. Some we may never know answers to. Others due to the extreme nature of needing to be top secret, the government I am sure is not disclosing, just due to not wanting information to get into the wrong hands.
We are asking things such as why these particular packages were headed from Yemen to the US? Where they actually "explosives" completely set up and designed to be detonated? Were they "pieces" of an explosive device or devices, that were to go into the hands of someone who were put them together and later use them as a bomb plot against us? Is there a further "agenda" by those terrorists involved to watch how we handle the situation, and they are readying themselves for another attack? Is it a test of our Homeland Security, a test of our nations airports, a test of just how capable we are to handle another massive attack? Where they truly meant to explode at a specific location, at a specific time? Or was this just a decoy while they decide their next terrorist move against our country and many other of our allies. We already know these people despise our nation and our people. We already know that many are willing and ready to sacrifice their own lives in the name of religious beliefs, and die for that cause.

Did our "intelligence" work? Did our tactics put in place since 9/11 take care of such a horrendous situation such as 9/11? Are we as individuals and as a whole nation on alert enough, do we have security in the proper places enough, are we watching closely enough to be fully prepared for another night mare such as that fateful September day? My thoughts are that out of the millions of bits of information that are gathered on any given day right here in our nation, along with many other nations, that we have to be doing an incredible job of thwarting these plots. Of course as individuals not in the government agencies, we do not know just how many potential bits of information lead to nothing, or lead to a plausible situation in which we do act upon to stop such a horrific event from taking place again on our own soil. Yet, it is mind boggling between what takes place on the internet daily, the millions of emails, posts, websites, blogs, and such alone that you have to wonder how we could catch such things as the possibility of attacks again. Then you have all types of other ways to communicate, to be mobile, to be around the world in a matter of hours now. We are such a mobile community, with cell phones, computers, fast traveling air planes, the railroad, cars, the wireless internet where you have "hot spots" all over this country and the world now for that matter, than can be used to send information immediately, without any lapse time. Even you just consider UPS, FEDEX, and all of the other ways packages can travel from one continent to the other in a matter of even a day, and that does not include by ships, 18 wheelers, the postal service, etc. that at any one time something can be shipped from somewhere in the middle of nowhere, and be sitting in our of our nations huge city's in a matter of hours. Needless to say when you really sit down and think about the reality of how our Homeland Security Dept. as well as our law enforcement, our several other intelligence agencies, and even us as watchful citizens can be able to intercept such items well before they reach where they are meant to do nothing but harm us, maim us, scare us... all in the name of their own teroristic nature.

It also brings to mind the whole bullying thing that has been in the spot light now for weeks. It just blows my mind to think we are raising young kids that are already developing a hateful nature when it comes to their peers. We know that "teasing" has gone on forever in schools, and anywhere children are in groups. From the time we were all in school, we usually had one or two kids who were trouble makers, and deemed as "bullies" in our schools. Yet, then a "bully" certainly was not the connotation of what we mean as bullies these days. I cannot fathom young kids making such a mockery of their own peers that it causes such a horrific problem for the tortured child, that they even remotely think about wanting to kill themselves. I recall being "teased" and it was not funny at all. I was a bit overweight during my teen years, and I endured some name calling, etc. due to my weight. Until this day some of that does haunt me. Even though I took the weight off just after graduating high school, until this day when I look in the mirror, I see that chubby high school student, and it puts a damper on how I feel, and my self esteem. Some of it caused my own issues with how I feel about my body, how I feel about even gaining a pound, and how I present myself in public... all of it at times stems from those days of being called names in school.

Yet, now, it is far from being the typical name calling about being overweight. These kids are being fully attacked about all aspects of their lies. The hateful and bitterness witnessed today among our youth, is not just a tease but full blown hate crimes in many ways. When you are verbally, mentally, emotionally, and physically attacked by those that should be your allies, those that are supposed to be your peers, it hurts more than just a name calling event.

My question is why this is happening? Where are these kids learning to be so incredibly hateful, mean, and showing no compassion, no decency, no manners, no feelings for those around them. Is this something they see all too often or even taught at home? Is this stemming from lack of parental control, lack of family life being what it used to be, from what they see on video games, hear in music, read in books, see on television, and witness by others where youth are. We definitely as a nation, as schools, as youth events, as parents, teachers and the like need to get a grip on these events. There needs to be punishment, education, and ways that these kinds of happenings are put to bed for good. These kinds of actions can only lead to adults that are going to be more hateful and more apt to hate crimes, if something is not done to stop these kids.

It is an ongoing battle that certainly needs to have attention and prevention done. The answers are probably not all black and white, but shades of gray as to how to handle these events, how to give our kids more self esteem, more empathy, more respect, and more morality. That has to come from home first, then from teachers, pastors, and all adults that are around our nations kids. Respect is something that seems to have been thrown out of teaching. Respect is something that needs to be definitely brought back, for both children and also for many adults.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Joining the Race to Stop Domestic Violence

Now, more than ever, we need so many more ways to fight the epidemic of Domestic Violence, Violence Against Children and Humans. With our economic downfall, job loss, the loss of people's home, and all they worked for their lives going away in the blink of an eye, has already caused our news to be filled with grim scenes of what stress can cause. The number of murder-suicide rates in our nation alone has been staggering just over the past 10 days. We have had such situations across the nation in California, Illinois, New York, Alabama, just to name a few over the last couple of days in the news. I fear this will get much worse for many reasons. Now people are unable to get their medications that may effect their mental stability due to loss of insurance or not able to afford to pay for it or their medications. The undue stress to Father's and Mom's is sending some to the breaking point, after losing a job they worked at for many years, then at once finding themselves jobless, headed for homeless, and despair sets in. We need so much more education for law officials handling Domestic Violence issues. We also need help for those who are suffering from thoughts of ending their lives, and the lives of their families due to the despair they are in. Please join me in the fight against Domestic and Human Violence with a daily free click at the link below. You can also do so much more at the Amnesty website (

Join's Race to Stop Violence Against Women!

I urge you to take a moment and add your daily free clicks that help to serve many awesome causes. The Main free-click daily link for Care2 is (

You taking a moment each morning to add your free click will help immensely with things such as Domestic Violence, Animal Cruelty, Saving our Oceans, Helping to save Seals, Helping to sponsor children, helping the fight against Breast Cancer, feeding Primates, and much more.

It is time for each of us to take responsibility, step up to the plate and do something positive for our nation, our world and humanity. It costs you nothing to do these free daily clicks, but it certainly is a positive step towards so many wonderful and much needed causes.