Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Joining the Race to Stop Domestic Violence

Now, more than ever, we need so many more ways to fight the epidemic of Domestic Violence, Violence Against Children and Humans. With our economic downfall, job loss, the loss of people's home, and all they worked for their lives going away in the blink of an eye, has already caused our news to be filled with grim scenes of what stress can cause. The number of murder-suicide rates in our nation alone has been staggering just over the past 10 days. We have had such situations across the nation in California, Illinois, New York, Alabama, just to name a few over the last couple of days in the news. I fear this will get much worse for many reasons. Now people are unable to get their medications that may effect their mental stability due to loss of insurance or not able to afford to pay for it or their medications. The undue stress to Father's and Mom's is sending some to the breaking point, after losing a job they worked at for many years, then at once finding themselves jobless, headed for homeless, and despair sets in. We need so much more education for law officials handling Domestic Violence issues. We also need help for those who are suffering from thoughts of ending their lives, and the lives of their families due to the despair they are in. Please join me in the fight against Domestic and Human Violence with a daily free click at the link below. You can also do so much more at the Amnesty website (

Join's Race to Stop Violence Against Women!

I urge you to take a moment and add your daily free clicks that help to serve many awesome causes. The Main free-click daily link for Care2 is (

You taking a moment each morning to add your free click will help immensely with things such as Domestic Violence, Animal Cruelty, Saving our Oceans, Helping to save Seals, Helping to sponsor children, helping the fight against Breast Cancer, feeding Primates, and much more.

It is time for each of us to take responsibility, step up to the plate and do something positive for our nation, our world and humanity. It costs you nothing to do these free daily clicks, but it certainly is a positive step towards so many wonderful and much needed causes.


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