Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lots of News for Easter Sunday

First of all, even though it puts a damper on Easter Egg hunts outside today, we are getting a much needed rain around Texas. Things have been bone dry, leading up to the many wild fires, that have left so many without homes, and even took the lives of at least three people here in TX. Then we have the horrible tornadic storms that have plagued many states. From TN, NC, OK, AR and more thousands have again lost everything to Mother Natures ills that she gives us at times. The devastation looks more like a war zone, rather than tornado's it is so bad.

Then we have the "Preacher's granddaughter" in Oakland that they suspect heavily she was the one that killed and put that little girl Sandra in a suitcase! What a gruesome situation. You have to wonder what is going on inside of a person's head that does those sort of things. I have to wonder if people just jump off the deep end in a moment's blink of an eye, or are they just already mentally disturbed, possibly have been for years, and methodically plan this sort of horrendous behavior for a long time. I cannot fathom taking anyone's life what so ever, much less a child.

You would think family and friends would have seen warning signs that this woman was totally whacked in the head.

Here is the URL to the story:

How is it possible, even on the day that Sandra Cantu, the little girl missing, can that woman walk around, visiting her own family, knowing what she has or was going to do? I just in my own frame of mind, cannot get a grip on any reason. I believe this woman had a child of her own also.

Even at the worst of my own journey through the pits of hell at times, I would never have an inkling to harm anyone. I guess I just do not have a criminal mindset. This woman should be punished to the full extent of the law. Hopefully, even though it will not bring Sandra Cantu back, justice will prevail so the family can have closure.

I fear things are going to get much worse, as one article I read this morning claims, about Domestic Violence, violence against others, such as a work place, where someone suffers a layoff due to the economy, and people just are so totally stressed out, more than ever, there is always a breaking point for everyone. That does not mean they may commit murder or suicide, but the realms of depression can cost them dearly... it destroys your quality of life, leaving you even more down and out, when bad things happen, such as losing a job, money matters, family matters, and all people are enduring not just here but around the entire globe. Violence is everywhere, from the drug cartels in Mexico, that are spilling over our borders in TX, NM, AZ, CA and more, to the massive killings of suicide bombers overseas, now the Pirates of Somali that pose a dangerously lethal situation to all ships in that area. No one is immune and it seems that none of the countries that have been hit by these new bread of pirates can do a thing but pay ransom. I saw where the FBI is involved, but there is truly little course of action, even from the UN.

From there, Mother Nature had reeked havoc with floods, tornado's and terrible weather. From OK, TX, TN, SC and more, these storms have left many towns flattened like a pancake, with nothing left from the rubble. The wildfires have ravaged OK and TX, killing one family in their midst. Again, there are thousands left homeless by these raging fires, that they said produced wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour, making the fire storms even more dangerous. From mudslides, to drought it is so bad in many places as far as weather related situations are concerned. The thing about that is, it is not really tornado season yet. I fear the worst is yet to come as far as weather woes. I believe they have predicted at least 7 hurricanes for the next season, which is many.

Then of course there is the financial, economical, and downfall from Wall Street to Main Street. Prices of things we need such as food, shelter, and basic needs continue to rise price wise. People are losing jobs at the highest rates since the late 20's and 30's, causing much more than a deep recession as I see it. More like a depression, yet they fear not to say that word, since people would panic already worse than they have. People are supposedly holding onto their money, but when I go to Wal Mart and see people with two baskets of stuff overflowing, I have to wonder if they are holding onto their money, or having to save up, then go and by a big bill of items to last them throughout the time, until they get another paycheck. It is just the two of us, and Tazz, our pug, yet our grocery bills have sky rocketed. I cannot imagine trying to feed hungry kids these days.

People are doing without lots of things, from prescription medications and doctors care, to clothing, vacations, home projects, and more. They are not out there purchasing big ticket items such as cars, huge flat screen TV's, less name brand products being bought,thus going to generic which is cheaper.

So far, as I feel our own Higher Power is doing, Jim's business has picked up. I feel, as he does people are looking for new routes for their businesses. So, those that are not online with a web site, are coming that direction, and those already that have websites, are making them bigger, better, more user friendly, adding features such as gift cards, wish lists, blogs, discussion boards and much more. We both definitely feel extremely blessed that their are jobs coming in, as well as gaining a few new clients. So far, they are also paying fairly quickly, so that helps also.

Yet, between house and car insurance, along with paying cash for Jim's medications and doctors visits, the high price of everything around us, it seems no matter how we micro-manage our money, we could always use more. I guess that is just how it is. Luckily, for us, we already have been penny pinchers, frugal, or just call me down right cheap! I have watched our small budget for ever now... clipping coupons, watching for sales, buying generic, watching how we run errands to get them done, but saving time and gas in how I run them. We have always been those that don't mind shopping at the $ Tree, and the dollar stores around. We, even though don't like some of Wal-Marts ethics for their employees and other things, have had to shop there, getting more for our buck. Of course, that is just about the only place to shop for many items in this small town. Our city manager has made darned sure, that Ennis does not get any other stores. It is either HEB for groceries or Super 1, or Wal-Mart as far as many products.

Other things weigh on my mind, good and bad. The happy news is the official First Puppy has made it to the White House for a wondrous Easter present. :) Much of the rest of the news is not so pleasant, even here on Easter Sunday.

I got to visit, and put out new flowers at my Dad's grave and my grandparents. That made me feel good, and it appears we may be able to go full force with our new garden and flower beds around the house. I think we have gotten enough funds in from clients to purchase a tiller and possibly a new grill, since ours had to be trashed at the end of last Summer. It survived at least 20 years... so it was more than time to trash it and get a new one.

Spring approaches, and the signs are all around. From lots of pollen in the air, to the migration of many birds, things greening up, grass already getting tall... a warmth in the air... all signs of our next season...

I close for now... with a blessing of joy for this special day...


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