Thursday, April 9, 2009

Stress - Help - Tough Economic Worries - Places to get help

I have already written several posts about stress, the economy, domestic violence, anxiety, and how the loss of jobs, the economic drama, and what is going on in our country and around the world have caused huge jumps in issues for families, co-workers, and innocent people. Here are some places to go online to find help...
(Dept of Human Services) (Mental Health America) (National Alliance of Mental Health) (Suicide Prevention Hotline)

Each of us need to make sure we know the warning signs of severe anxiety, depression, and the issues surrounding us these days. It is already very apparent more and more people are becoming to the extremes when it comes to being distraught over their jobs, homes, bills and family. We need more than ever to take an active roll in the state of mind not only we are in, but our family members, co-workers, friends, and even those surrounding us in daily places we go.


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