Wednesday, April 22, 2009

In Celebration of Our Planet

I wish everyone a beautiful day today, and many more to follow this one. As we "celebrate" Mother Earth, take a moment to look at all of the splendor and wonderment of just how amazing our planet truly is. It sustains our lives and has for so many millions of years. It provides us light, heat, cold, food.... each and everything we need as far as the basic things to survive is right here surrounding us each and every day. For far too long, I feel many of us (I included at times), have lost our touch with just how vital all this planet offers is to us. From the air we breath, to all we harvest for food, to the rivers and streams for water, then the oceans and lakes full of fish... lands and forests which provide more food, the sun that gives us what plants need in order to grow... at times when we walk out of our front door daily, we lose sight of all that Earth brings to us.

Think about a vacation to another place or state you may have been to. Possibly to one of the oceans or gulfs, where you can gaze for miles and miles over the vastness of those waters, the feel of the spray from the waves, the salty taste of the water, the sand beneath your feet. Or possibly you have witnessed the Grand Canyon, with all of its glory, a wonder so awesome through the powers of what nature can do. What about Nigara Falls, camping in one of our National Forests, fishing for trout in a stream far away from the city, or any place we go to "get away" from all the the "man made" things in life, and back to nature, our roots, and where we began.

"She" has given and continues to give us so much, to the point of sustainging our very lives... now it is times we give back to her, protect her from further damage, put back what we have taken, invest in making her bountiful, and still able to support and sustain us as humans. Life literally would NOT exist at all, without what this planet gives to us, along with our universe.

As you reflect today, whether you plant a tree, make a garden, begin recycling, take a moment to see the trees budding out, watch the birds all around, smell the newness of Spring in the air, turn off lights that you don't need, buy something "green" or an energy saver today, or NOT buy something that you really do not need... whatever you do today, tomorrow and the many to follow, try and remember to take a moment to realize all we have to be thankful for.

During difficult times such as these, it is hard to reflect upon the positive. We as Americans, and people are going through some very harsh events now. Yet, if you just take a walk around a local park, take your kids to play at a playground, make a sand pile and play with your kids in it, watch the butterflies, bees, and other forms of life all around... those are the precious moments of knowing we are blessed to the fullest.

I wish you all the wonderment of what Earth means to you... and hope all is well in your corner of this spectacular planet...

Pam "Rhia"

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