Friday, April 17, 2009

A Stupid Remark by Tx Governor Rick Perry should have people up in arms!!!

I could not believe my ears last evening as I heard Rick Perry's remarks that were so ridiculous, they made national news! He had the audacity, or possibly stupidity is a better term, to say "We, talking about Texas as a state", be supporting and with "right winged extremists". Then he went on further to stick both feet in his mouth and say as a state Texas should secede and be its own independent entity, rather than unified with the nation. I hope that people all over Texas heard his asinine, and almost to the point as I read several articles this morning about his statements, to be "anti-American" to even utter the words that our state should "secede" from the "union".
He, as far as I am concerned is a total embarrassment to our grand state of Texas, and it truly burned me up to think he was so oblivious, he would even make stupid remarks such as these. He also vowed NOT to take stimulus money to help the thousands of unemployed workers here. That is another blow to his intelligence! To think that our own governor, knowing the dire straits of so many Texans all over the state, are suffering due to job loss, unable to find jobs, the higher price of groceries, gas, utilities, and everything else, plus people losing everything including their homes due to losing jobs, would turn down money to help is fellow Texans should make each and one of us mad as heck!
I hope that those of us that heard and now read his statements, shall really take a good look at him at re-election time, and decide he is NOT who we need as governor of Texas. These statements, which are just a few of many, Governor Perry has made makes our state look like we are a bunch of backwards, stupid, "Texans", and everyone should here should be totally embarrassed by his crude remarks.My hopes are that many other people here are as outraged over his remarks as I am! He, as you will read in the article below, tried to "cover over" his remarks, yet as some asked him to, he never apologized for what he said.

Here is a link to the entire story for you to read:

What makes this even worse, I did not find an article in the Houston paper or a Texas news article, but this one was in the "Seattle Times"! I would hope our newspapers and news media will also have articles over his speech, as the "tea parties" here, will also publish what he said. These types of remarks need to be out in the public, so all of us can have a better understanding of why things in Texas are not what many of the people here want from our state. He is a huge part of the problem, when it comes to many issues for Texans. From the latest on unemployment, to his standing on many important issues, his attitude I would hope is not the attitude of the majority of Texas citizens.

I am still boiling over how his remarks are so entirely wrong. Please feel free to post your own opinions.


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