Monday, April 13, 2009

Help for those without prescription medication coverage

There are several places that help those in need of prescription
medications, that are without insurance, or insurance does not pay. I
went through the process for myself, before I got my disability, and now
I have helped my husband get his meds for either free from these
companies or for very little cost.

I found this article today and wanted to share the information with all
of you.

The one thing I have noticed is that doctors, knowing people are "cash"
paying patients, do not for some reason mention how to get their
medications cheaper,

or for free. I know they must know about the places, since there is even
advertising on television.

Here are some and a link to the article. It does work, you just have to
get the initial paperwork filled out correctly and also have your doctor
fill his part in. <>

Link to entire article:
<> <>

<> <>

These are a few, and the article has links to several others also. It is
worth the time to get the paperwork (many times you can download it from
their websites, print it, and then fill it out, along with your doctor
filling his portion out, and sending it in. After that, then usually if
your doctor puts refills on the medications, you can call in, and get
the refills delivered right to your door.

Hope this helps... I know it has helped us immensely. My husbands
medications are so expensive, there is no way we could afford them, and
try and also pay for doctors visits.


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