Sunday, April 5, 2009

Are We A Nation Numb to Humanity?

I had just questioned this myself over the past couple of weeks. The daily escalation of violence, domestic violence, and murder suicide is almost beyond comprehension for me. Most of us felt we might see a rise in suicide due to the state people are in. We are a stressed, saddened, and depressed people, longing for jobs, homes, and life to return to normal. Money, homes, jobs, caring for family, bills pile up that we cannot pay, all leading to people coming to the brink. Some just can no longer handle the amount of stress. But, what about those around? What about the warning signs we should be seeing in these people? Possibly there are few, or we just do not see them, or in fear that we do. We are wrapped up in our own dilemma of life, we are fearful to get involved, we are a people under duress, here and around the world. Here is a news article about this very subject. What can we do to help those who are coming to a place and state of mind, they feel the need to murder their own families, or those around them, then kill themselves???
A Nation under Duress for sure...

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