Thursday, April 23, 2009

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This card is just to say I am thinking of you, wishing you the best, hope that life is well with you and your family, & hope that what is going on with this world, this economy, the war, and so many more things that are not so great at this, are not impacting your life at all, or if so, just a little. I realize there are so many people that are facing "dire straits" in their lives. Each and every day we are overwhelmed with issues that can dramatically put more stress on us, than we already have.

From the continuance of war, realizing the threats of terrorism we face, job losses, illnesses, the global warming situation, losing homes, many people that have worked a lifetime watching their retirement go down the drain, a not just broken, but a health care system that is totally failing many of us, strange weather that has brought droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornado's, loss of crops to farmers, and for some taken it's toll by wiping out their home and all of their belongings.
We face rising gas prices, rising grocery prices, prescription medications that are almost impossible to afford without insurance, that is if you can afford the insurance, companies going down the tubes, higher credit card rates, which is totally unfair, people so stressed over life that they are to the point of hopelessness, taking their families lives, and then their own.
Each morning I awake, I wonder if the nightmare for so many around our nation, and the world will be able to recover, regroup, and once again have "normal" back into their lives. I continue to try and keep hope and faith alive in my life, as well as pray my family and friends can make it through the nightmare of what all hits them with the economic, financial, job, bills and home situation they face.

I have found reaching out to touch others is a small way I can let them know, there is someone out here that really cares.

I am an active voice Against Domestic Violence, and Chronic Pain and Illnesses. Many of you already know that. I am also active in trying to clean up our world, make it greener, and do the things I can do to stop global warming, polluting our water, soil and air... as I try to educate myself online about what other things I can do for our Mother Earth, and the people here.

I have a new group here on Care2. The main "subject" is about Chronic Pain and Illness. I thought about opening a 2nd group about Domestic Violence, but rather than do that and spread myself too thin, I decided my one group can be a voice for other things besides Chronic Pain. So, there are posts about other things, from Domestic Violence, being "greener", and other subjects that weigh upon not just my heart but yours.

I realize we get bombarded these days with blogs, groups, personal websites, twitter, messengers, MySpace, Facebook, and gosh, I have lost track of all of them. When chat and groups were first online, we have like one basic one, which was MSN. I believe Yahoo joined in, and from there, there is an epidemic of all kinds of places to find others like minded, discussions on everything from health to space, and they can take up a great deal of time for the "owners" of the groups etc... plus lots of time for members, if they want to participate.

I am inviting you to join my group. You can take from it as much as as little as you like. I am NOT making it manditory for any members to have to post, but I would love to read a little about you, when you decide to join.

I have just began this group here on Care2, which is not just a site about "blogging, friends, and chatting". It serves a greater purpose in bringing those that like a place to find out lots of information, from politics, health, greener living, and so much more. You can write your own petition on something that you feel is important, whether it be about animal cruelty, protecting our waters, you name it, you can start a petition here for it.

So, Care2 serves a greater purpose... you can do free clicks daily, that will help so many causes, from breast cancer, to animals that are becoming extinct.

Your voice can be heard here... to the ones such as politicians and other non-profit groups helping so many needy causes.

I would love to have you as a member, even if you join, and prefer not to do much participation, but just enjoy what I and others post. If you feel passionate about a subject, whatever it may be, feel free to post it.

Here is the URL:
That is where you can join.

Thanks for all you do, as a friend, as a member of society, as an activist if you are all of the other million things each of us do that gives us hope, faith, and a new outlook each day at life.

I look forward to having you as a member...

With a huge hug, and sunshine for this day and many to come...


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