Saturday, April 4, 2009

I am quite sure everyone has heard about the latest nightmare of violence, plaguing our nation and our world. This past 10 days have been filled with those desperate that just take it out on innocent people.

The slaughter in New York yesterday, is one more of those things that I have a difficult time understanding. Yet, I realize with the loss of jobs, home, financial security, the depression, anxiety, and hopelessness people feel thoughout this nation and around the globe are sending them into a state of mind that is frightening. 13 dead in New York from a man, a family in CA in a murder suicide, IL, GA, NC, the stories are rolling in each day of how things are becoming too much for some to handle.

My hopes are that as friends, family, neighbors, and so forth, that we take an active role in watching for the signs of those who are so desperate, they would take their own lives, and/or the lives of others due to dire circumstances.

Their are tell tale signs and warnings... and I feel it should be our conviction to help someone that you may feel is this hopeless about life.

The rate of violence, to families, churches, places of work, public places and on will continue to escalate due to all we are going through. It should be our conviction to help if we see a situation that might turn into one of these.

Happy Saturday to All, Rhia

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