Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Stressed Out Generation - Our Children

I just read an article that truly hit a note with me. With all of what is going on in our nation and world, with loss of jobs, foreclosures, the government, war, and more that keep us busy wondering about life etc... sometimes we do not stop to reflect upon just how all of the new stresses in our lives effect our kids. When you think about all kids have to deal with at home (they are smart enough to pick up on parents being upset and stressed), to some of what they must fear in school, church and other activities, it is no wonder we are raising more kids with illnesses, addictions, mental and physical problems.. from anxiety and depression, to obesity and diabetes, to kids developing even high blood pressure and more. They face stressors daily that we never gave a thought to when we were young. It is a very critical situation... one that needs to be addressed, but there are no easy answers to any of it.

To me, this fits right in with Domestic Violence, Violence against kids, and also autoimmune illnesses and disease. Stress can be a leading factor in many illnesses, and high stress has been researched and some indications that stress over a long period of time certainly can contribute to developing autoimmune illnesses.

Here is a link to the article....

Food for thought... for sure... Rhia

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