Sunday, January 11, 2015

Finding a starting point or possibly a stopping point... OR maybe there is no point at all... All in a day of Autoimmune Illness

I've been able to allow words to just pour out of my soul on Facebook, and here in the past week or so. Yet, when I put myself back in "alignment" to begin working on my book, again I lose all of the hope I've had to begin...

It is not that I haven't began... Gosh I've probably written enough for 2 or 3 books. Between here, Facebook, and other places I post in detail all types of my own personal experiences with these hideous illnesses and maladies, to the some times irreparable dealings of some medications, and the problems they can cause... and moreover what is so very frightening I have came to the conclusion that there is something else physically going on with me, that the doctors, tests, lab work, and so forth have not been able to pinpoint yet.

As I've said now for awhile, either there is much more to my health issues that need to be looked at. I realize that many of the symptoms of any of the autoimmune illnesses can really be "overlapping" in nature. It is a defining moment in any life when a physician can give you a "real name" for a certain symptom, or chronic illness. At times the answers are truly vague at best... and the chances of getting a proper diagnosis at the very first trip you make.

So, now the question is, how do I go about trying to find if there is something else wrong, if so what doctor do I consult, and what will happen if there is another AI involved, like MS, MG (myasthenia gravis), and so on? More than likely, unless it is MS, they have came up with some great meds for it, BUT some of them are already things I am taking, or they are so new and so expensive, my insurance would probably turn the noses up and drowned in the rain, if I was prescribed one. You can believe, if it can happen, or will happen, or has happened ... then it has been with me.

I am seriously debating where I go this year on my blog... and if I want to continue to grow my audience then it is imperative that I work it and work well. I don't want to lose who I have and of course I want those that are already coming here to be excited about the new year and what I am going to say... and how I am going to say it.....

So, bear with me, as I take my own heart felt words, and pour them out in different ways. I am trying to experiment on my blog, so I can have a better understanding of writing my 3rd book.

More often that not, (and I just had an idea today, that I think I am actually very seriously considering) it is bad enough for the "same of stuff, day after day, to step into your path of consciousness. Those types of things tend to cause a huge road block  for those of us who already suffer from massive brain fogs at times anyway. Then to try and work around all of it, and have something come out that maybe worth another persons time to read is a monumental task.... so right now, I only know to crawl up the side of this mountain and begin the book.                                                               

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