Friday, July 3, 2015

In Remembrance, Reflection, Pride, and & Celebration. May YOUR July 4th Holiday be all you want it to be...

Have a Happy, Safe, and Wonderful July 4th Holiday Weekend!


I want to wish everyone a very SAFE, HAPPY, and reflective July 4th Holiday weekend! As I watched what the news had to say yesterday evening, it was pure shame I felt (even though I am not one of ""them") that our Grand Nation, has have to endure such horrific hate crimes, terrorist acts, and again "credible" threats enough to warrant each and every "celebration" especially in our huge cities, like Washington DC, New York, LA, and more to either have so many "patrols" out, or some have even cancelled their events due to the fact they feel it is NOT safe enough to even have a beautiful celebration of our Country, the USA! That also makes me mad, sad, and also even a bit fearful. Our small town has a "celebration" planned for tomorrow. We have now had a "Farmer's Market" that opens every Saturday to local growers, who come and sell their fruits, fresh veggies, and so forth. So, our town also is including some out of town vendors, even a small concert, and then a fireworks extravaganza* in the evening,, as well as one out of the Texas Motorplex, that they have been putting on for years for the holiday. Yet, even here, just because we are a "small town"... you NEVER KNOW... who could be a "lone wolf".... we have had our share of close calls in our country and the surrounding ones, and we don't live but about 35 miles from Dallas. So, we want to put aside our "fear" and think, "Oh, this would never happen here, not in our small community"... alas, sad but true, it only takes ONE person to create a horrific scene even in a small town.

So as we ready ourselves for cookouts, family gatherings, going to other celebrations, the lake, camping, and all of the many activities going on throughout our nation, be "viligant", watchful, and don't be afraid to "report" something you feel is "not right".... those types of "mindfulness" is what keeps us safe, happy, and being able to celebrate with family and friends...

I bid you ALL A Wonderful 4th of July Holiday Weekend... whether traveling, or at home cooking, wherever you are, be safe, be happy, we do still have much to celebrate and in so many ways... and Enjoy your Holiday! Hugs to All, Rhia Steele


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