Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Petechia is back and rashes ... still don't have a clue... Rashes, Brusing, Petechia, lowe back issues, hips issues, does it EVER END with AI Illnesses??????

 The first two photos are from a couple of years back. I developed "bruisinng and petechia" on my legs and arms.... portions appearing as huge bruises, others appearing to be like "blood blisters", such as you may get if you "smash" your finger etc... it forms a "blood type blister".... I went through every test in the world and specialist and no one really ever came up with anything other than "Lupus" causing it. They only appeared on my arms and legs... no where else on my body at all..,

I have that same strange "blood blistering" like stuff suddenly on my arm last night...  here are some new pics, along with the ones from a few years back... This one ABOV as I said is NEW... this just appeared a couple of nights ago as almost the same type of "petechia" blood blistering as before... no apparent reason I can come up with... and below is the "rash" the developed on the inside of my right knee about 2 weeks ago. It was like tiny blisters, but they were "lined" up in rows... I also had a few on my right ankle, and my 1st thought was shingles. I had happened to of course been on and stay on pain meds, and have those in my pain pump internally also, plus I was on the generic form of Valtrex. Since I began with the Lupus, RA stuff... I developed blisters around on the corners of my mouth. My doctor thinks it is a "herpes" type virus because my immune system is a mess with the AI illnesses, thus he treats me with the Valtrex for them... but as soon as the "2 day" dose is through, I develop them again. I am going to ask him about a "daily dose" to see if that is possible and it it might keep these mouth corners from being bright pink and sometimes blistered... they hurt and try to crack open at times, and I've put just about any and everything imaginable on them trying to see if I can stop it from happening....

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