Friday, July 3, 2015

Costochondritis - another "possible new problem"? With Me and the Lupus, RA, Sjogren's, Osteoporosis, one may never know....

I "think" I may have "Costochondritis".... I started having pain under my RIGHT arm a couple of days ago, and kind of around to the front of my right chest... it hurts to take a huge breath in, or if I hold my arm a certain way etc... it can bring on the pain. I noticed a moment ago, I had the hiccups... and OMG! WHEW!! Did that ever make it worse..... I figured I must have "pulled" a muscle underneath my right armpit and then around and it even hurts some into my back, but not like right at the arm, where your armpit meets your chest, and then a bit around to the front. an NO, I do not think this is a "heart related" issue at all. I already thought about that, but since I've had 2 of those, I am pretty well, educated on certain things to look for if heart related... that is why I am trying to stress this is under my right arm, kind of around to my right chest, and then into my back some also. I went to pick up Tazzy - my Pug, a couple of days ago. I have to help her onto the sofa,She no longer can jump, so she puts her feet up on the sofa and then I gently pick her up so she can get on the sofa. The other morning, I kind of had an "off" moment, where I lost my balance in helping her up. I really didn't think much of it until I began to get out of the shower a bit later and OMG I was like WHAT THE HECK????? Then of course I have been so busy doing about 15 of more things around the house etc... so I am already sore and achy due to all I am trying to accomplish also. But, ALL of it woke me up at 5AM! MY hips, lower back, my shoulders, under my right arm, and I was so achy and so stiff I didn't think I could even get up and do anything. I really didn't do a whole lot today, other than a few very "easy" things.... anyway, I had not even tried to look up what the "symptoms" might mean, so a bit ago, I though in between a movie and getting some sherbet I would look it up.  I think it appears almost like I do have "some swelling" on back on that side... it appeared to kind of look "puffy" comparing it to my left side under my arm.  The Costochondritis and was about the 1st thing that popped up and that seems to kind of describe what I am feeling. I gather since I am on pain meds, corticosteroids etc... that unless something else plays out or I get worse, or have different symptoms it will dissepate on its own over a few days. If not, I have an Ortho doctor appt on Wed to discuss my "test results" from the discogram, plus Mom is going to the same doctor about her hip severe pain, and cano't barely stand any pressure on it Then we also see our PCP at the same time o Friday, next week... so I will have a chance to ask about it, if it is still here by then.... Happy Fourth to ALL!!!!!!! May our Nation and World over find peace and harmony, and NO threats of any kind.... that is truly my 4th of July holiday wishes... I am probably spending mine either doing some stuff around the house, or resting, depending on how I feel tomorrow morning.... Hugs, Rhia Steele​

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