Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life with Autoimmune Illnesses, Lupus... back sugery, dealing with chronic pain, US Pain Foundation and September Pain Awareness Month, Proclamation, family and coping

Things here are still really insane... it "seems" that my intestinal tract "maybe" improving... I hate to say that and jinx myself... but yesterday and last night and so far this morning it is much better than a week ago... but I still have Mom and her injections to deal with, I still need to get the chest X-ray.. I hope and pray that is 2nd round of antibiotics will completely rid me of the cellulitis... I found another "lump" on my right thigh a couple of days ago, and I was praying it was not more - but I am on the Rifampin and the other one (can't think of the name of the moment) LOL.. but between lack of sleep for nights and nights... and the heat, and stress, worry... my mind is about null and void anyway... Good news!! I am okay for the City Of Ennis to go ahead with the National Pain Awareness Campaign in September "Beautify in Blue"!!! Our Mayor signed the proclamation, and the man that I needed to speak with about signs, ribbons and so forth told me it was fine to go ahead and put those up for next month!! I am truly thrilled to be able to get "my home community" involved in this... even he said he suffers from migraines... so he totally gets chronic pain... I will keep you informed, make photos and post them etc as I get the stuff and get it up here in town... other than that, I HAVE TO GET WELL so I can have this back surgery... I will more than likely switch Medicare Plans for next year and that probably means I could lose my surgeon, so I have to get it done before the end of the year... all of that has been a nightmare also... to find out that my own HOSPITAL does NOT take the Medicare Advantage Plan, after I was told they did... but it is a huge ordeal and AARP should be ashamed of themselves for even sponsoring Untied Healthcare and what they have pulled on their clients... it is all over the internet how they have really messed so many of us up on our providers... I am still very concerned about Mom and all of the "memory" issues and things I've seen over the past several weeks... although I know from experience, lack of sleep, pain, new medications, stress can all be huge factors in our memories etc - it seems to be over and above all of that... anyway, I am playing catch up after being ill for so long and I am still not at my best (whatever that is anymore ) ;) just wanted to touch base with everyone and let you know I am still "alive" and not really "kicking" at the moment...

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