Sunday, March 5, 2017

SHINGLES??? What NOW! Always some thing to deal with medically it feels like.

I began to put the cabinet together yesterday. Looks like the actual "corners" that are "damaged" will be on the bottom of the cabinet in the back portion I think. Anyway, I still have about 30% to finish. I was actually putting it together in my hallway, but I am thinking about taking what I have put together now, into the back bedroom. 
If I put much more of it together, then it will be too large and probably too heavy to move into that room. I had to take some things out of that room, and make a space large enough to work in. But, I have an "odd" thing going on. For one, although the weather is kind of dreary, cloudy, and rainy looking, it is not all that cold outside, more just a very damp coolness. 
But, I've been COLD now for 2 days, upset stomach off and on, and I "thought" something had bitten me, or stung me on my left arm. It began feeling like it has "fiberglass" on it, that tingling, stinging, very itchy feeling. I've not felt all that great now for several days, and I figured it is just the weather causing me to feel lousy. 
But, this now severe itching is driving me nuts. I found what looked like one small "blood blister, about half way up on my upper arm, up from my elbow. It almost reminded me of the severe wasp sting I had last year, but as far as I know, of course I have not been stung by any type of wasp. Plus, I don't think mosquito's are out and even if they were this is not from a mosquito, I don't think either. 
*By what I know about "shingles" and what I have looked up, and with my Lupus and RA, that makes me a higher risk to get them, it "might be" shingles dammit. If anything touches my skin from just below my elbow, in the bend of my elbow and then about up to this "green spot" it makes me want to scratch the heck of out it, but it burns, stings and tingles. I did not know that you can have shingles and not have an eruption of the blisters/rash that usually appear. My guess since I read that the rash actually may not appear for several days after the pain and itching has happened, it kind of looks like I may have some "rash-like" places especially in the bed of the elbow. Good gosh, what else... I also have doctors appts. Monday for my hip f/u, Tuesday to Dallas to see my Rheumatologist, and Thursday back to Dallas to have my pain pump refilled. I also have been fighting a bad headache along with my upset stomach. Anyway, I guess I will just wait and see what this looks and feels like tomorrow. I thought I would be putting that cabinet together the rest of the way today, but with my stomach so nauseated, right now I think heading for the sofa is best for while at least until my tummy feels better. Take care everyone, there are all kinds of "bugs", the Flu and other illnesses around right now... Rhia Steele "All things Autoimmune"
Here are a couple of websites with information on Shingles:

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