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Monday, June 10, 2019

Infectious arthritis? Has anyone ever been diagnosed with this????



Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Updated Information on My Daily Newspaper, adding a new title and more information including chronic pain, and other diseases...

Notice I have change my Daily Newspaper to include in the title Chronic Pain. I feel I need to make sure everyone does know this paper published and updated at least twice daily includes not just AI illnesses, but much information about all aspects of Chronic Pain, of Alzheimer's, of Dementia(s), and how each and every one of these can totally destroy a "normal" life... and it can happen within a "breath's space"... as I always say...

My last months now for at least 6 or more honestly, have been more than a terror daily... my "mountain top" has not been stood upon in a long while, and between my own chronic severe pain issues, my Mom's almost "overnight" development of some type of very severe "Dementia", where she is basically unable to take care of herself at all... and even yesterday was more or less bedridden, and also complaining of severe pain that began about 4 months ago and is progressing... my life has been turned upside down, and inside out even more than before all of that began.

I desperately need two spinal surgeries, my neck, which I have again had to "reschedule". It should have been done on April 4th, but due to Mom, and not having things in place for her, since I will basically be unable to do much of anything for several weeks, now I have it scheduled for May 4th... and my lower lumbar spine is progressing to get worse... these past several nights and mornings have almost taken me to the sofa due to the severity of pain once again, the weather, humidity, and things I have had to do, causing me all types of issues.... so I want all of you to know this just not just "AI" illnesses but so much more....

Friday, August 28, 2015

Chest Xrays, Cellulitis, RA, Swollen Joints, Fingers, Hands, Unable to take my RA meds, Lawns, Neighbors, and Dealing with all of the daily stuff of Life

Well once again we face another Friday! This week has been anything BUT GOOD... in about 4 billion ways, I thought I may just lose my mind, or the tiny bit of it I thought I had left.... FINALLY and who knows for sure but Urgent Care called yesterday afternoon and after over 2 WEEKS of back and forth from them to the Rheumy, I think they have the correct Order for the Chest Xray!!!! Sometimes miracles "can happen"... although lately NOT for me! I believe I mentioned I DID FINALLY FIND a Surgeon who is thankfully just over in Waxahachie to probably remove this lump on my left thigh. But, what I have NOT told the doctors at all, is that I have this other one that formed several weeks back on my right thigh, in just about the same spot. But, since I am seeing the surgeon a week From today, I felt I would bring it up then. BUT< once again I ran into another issue... now that lump that never really was "red" or what they call "agitated" on the outside, or really was never sore, now in the past few days, had become more red on the outside of the skin and it is extremely sore... and so it the one on my right thigh... not really red but very sore to the touch. Since I still have a week before i see the surgeon I called my PCP this morning and told them to let him know, and that I felt I needed another round of antibiotics until I can get in to see the surgeon. I fear now that the infection could be growing outward, and that is the very last thing I need right now... so I am waiting on a call back to see what they say. I hope he does not want me to come in... there is really nothing more to do, but get back on the antibiotics, and wait to see the surgeon,... and then I have to run over across town and get that chest Xray I hope done today. PLUS I DO have to take Mom's care to be inspected today, since they have made the changes in how we register and inspect our vehicles in TX, as of March 2015.So, we can't get the registration sticker until I get it inspected.... but not a big ordeal, I just have to go get her car, and take it to be inspected... I DID get the "bug granules" finally yesterday and I broadcasted them from front, back and sides all over my lawn. I HOPE that curbs the fire ants, which I have already put stuff on all of the mounds, but this other stuff also gets rid of other ants, fleas and so forth, which I can tell what I put out in the Spring has stopped working... thus I needed to do it again... ONE GOOD NOTE FINALLY... OR I HOPE SO... MY ECHOCARDIOGRAM CAME BACK THAT MY HEART FUNCTION IS "BETTER" A BIT, THAN WHEN I HAD ONE DONE IN 2011!!!!! NOW THAT DID MAKE ME HAPPY! But, as I told Mom, I "hope" the heck it is "mine" and is accurate!!! Knowing my luck, hell it could be read wrong or someone else's - anything is possible with me and my stuff.... nothing is usually ever that easy..... but if so, that means I should be good to go for the lumbar surgery dammit if I ever get RID of this damned whatever is going on with the lumps on both thighs... there is no way, no how they will do surgery on me until I am all clear of that, along with now I will NOT be able to get back on the Orencia or the Xeljanz UNTIL I am all CLEAR of infection!!! WHICH MY RA IS so MUCH worse! Both of my hands, wrists and fingers, I can barely use... I have hell from opening a jar, a lid, or anything, along with I can't carry stuff as well... my hands are just so swollen, even this morning worse than ever... my ankles, my shoulders, neck everything to do with my "joints" seem to be so much worse that ever... and I am extremely concerned... not only am I so stiff and swollen, the pain is bad again in my hands, fingers and wrists... PLUS I GUESS since my neighbor had chosen to all of a sudden ignore my existence... O am going to have to fix my lawn mower (the rope broke that pulls it to crank) fix that, and mow the lawn myself... I am sick and tired of seeing it like this, and I will be damned if I ask him... he has a "bee" in his bonnet over something, I have NO CLUE what the problem is... but my yard looks like hell and I intend on getting it mowed dammit... well I have to get dressed and get going... or I will never get all of this crap done... more later, and happy Friday to All!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Secukinumab - A new kind of ankylosing spondylitis medication on its way?

 A New Kind of AS Medication Coming? -

This is incredible news for those with AS! There have been a great deal of sites, and lots more information about this not so long ago, almost unknown autoimmune disease. Again, like many, it is becoming now to be figured out, some of us that may have had a different diagnosis, now may come to find that AS is the problem.

Here is the complete press release that is on the Spondylitis URL:

Monday, May 11, 2015

"WAAD 15" World Autoimmune Arthritis Day beginning Friday! Pick your team and Join in on the Fun!

World Autoimmune Arthritis Day's 6 day virtual, online car race to collect resources anraise MAJOR awareness for autoimmune arthritis diseases is just 3 1/2 weeks away- please share this poster, print it and give to your rheumy, use it to personally invite friends, supporters, those in your community groups. The event will happen HERE on Facebook and Twitter, along with some internet navigation and sharing of awareness submissions on your own pages, so plan to tune in!
More about how it works:
1. The Race Cars will represent each nonprofit from around the world that has officially signed up to participate. They will be the Nonprofit Race Teams and will compete against each other to "win WAAD15". Winning is based on who gets the most mileage points, but they need YOU to earn those for them.
2. On May 1st registration will open at It's FREE to register, and while you of course can play along without registering, if you do register you can help your favorite nonprofits earn mileage points AND you can earn your own mileage points too. The top 5 registered participants will qualify to win prizes of their own! Register solo or get a group together and play as a team (more details will be posted on this soon). During registration, you can pick up to THREE of your favorite participating nonprofits to support and 'race for'; each of those nonprofits will earn 25 mileage points for your support.
3. On May 15th, at 12pm ET/USA, the race will begin RIGHT HERE on this page and our Twitter page @WAutoimmuneAD. All participating nonprofits with Facebook and Twitter will also post that the race has begun and provide instructions for those just tuning in.
4. Also on May 15th, time TBD, there will be a special post for memoriam laps, where we as a community remember those we have lost to these diseases. We will ask all people to share and add names of those you are remembering to the post.
5. Those registered to race in honor of nonprofits will receive, via email the day prior to the event, the official Global Race Map, which gives times of posts, where to go learn more about specific subjects, details about all the Detours (live webinar chats) and how to register to attend those, and detailed information about the live awareness activities-including when they will post and what they will be. All others can receive this information at the WAAD website after the event has begun.
6. Nonprofit Race Teams will also earn mileage points when you "like" or "share" the posts or tweets from their account or when you do awareness action items in their honor. Registered participants will also earn mileage points for posting/turning in awareness call to action items.
7. In addition to the live social media action, including sharing up to 6 resources from EACH of the over 30 nonprofits participating and several live Detours (webinars-subjects and hosts announced soon), there will also be a page where you can submit information about good practitioners (any specialty) in your area so that we can create a map that will be available year around on our website.
8. The race will end on May 21st at 12pm ET/USA when the checkered flag waves. The top 5 Nonprofit Race Teams and the top 5 Registered Participants (individual players) and top 3 Registered Participant Teams (signed up to play together) will be announced. Trophies/plaques will be sent to the winners, along with select prizes.
Nothing like this has ever been done but we can use this to push autoimmune arthritis into the forefront for 6 days. Are you with us???