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Friday, June 26, 2015


Gosh, talk about the test from HELL!!!!!

I am home now though... and through... just HOPING they FIND the problem... I know I just cannot fathom NOT finding something... so I shall see... they did 4 levels...

and those needles DO NOT FEEL good and when they put pressure in them with the dye that is even worse.... anyway... awaiting the results and I hope that is early next week... I HATE having to wait for test results...

by the way NO SEDATION, NO PAIN MEDS nothing... I knew they needed you Lucid enough to be able to tell them about the pain no pain where and so on... but usually they at least give you a mild sedative to help you relax.... long story... I shall tell more later... I am off the to sofa the rest of today, and maybe a bit tomorrow...

oh by the way I noticed "ankylosing spondylitis" was actually "one" of the diagnosis was that my Orthopedic surgeon had down... even though he "blew me off" when I asked when I saw him, but he did have it in with my diagnosis!!!!

My Facebook Post about this Ordeal!!!!

Okay guys and gals... just a quick update!! FIRST OF ALL - NEVER have a DISCOGRAM if you can POSSIBLY AVOID IT!!! No "sedative" at all... no IV, no even pain meds when they were through... and he stuck needles in FOUR different places in my lumbar/sacral spine!!! It hurt like hell, and even hurt worse taking them out... needless to say, I PRAY we get some "positive" news... so I can move forward and get out of this horrid pain.... ALL that you read about these things and MORE are TRUE!!! BUT, of course that is the purpose... to inject that dye into the places the doctor deems causing the problems, THEN the dye pressure gives you either "pain" like you have, or MORE pain, or even a "different" pain... or sometimes no pain... thus it is strictly a diagnostic tool, so you have to be "lucid" enough to be able to tell them what it "feels" like, BUT some of the docs at least give you a bit some type a sedative, so you are at least relaxed a bit.... anyway, it is over and done with NOW... hopefully I will know something next week. In fact my Orthopedic doctors nurse actually called me while I had it done, and so I called her back to tell her yes, I just in fact finished it and was leaving the hospital... I was supposed to already have had it done several weeks back, but with illness, flares and so forth I had put it off. So, I HOPE they FOUND something!!!!! The last thing I want to hear is they FOUND NOTHING.. that would suck... I am off to go back to the sofa and rest for the day with the pups.... and will tell you more later when I am feeling a bit better...
Here is a link to just one site about this....

Friday, May 8, 2015

I continue this ongoing saga of Lumbar spine issues, bad weather that I am SICK OF, am Happy to see more people coming to my blog, and things about Autoimmune and Arthritic Illnesses

Well, here I am again... another weekend that "appears" to look like all hell is going to break loose. Which again is really irking the crap out of me, because I do not want to have to POSTPONE yet another trip to the Casino!!!

I've already been through this a couple of times, last weekend, it was supposed to be "earth shattering" weather and it did NOTHING.

Now here it is Mother's Day, and again the forecast (extended) is showing rain, rain, rain, storms, floods, and more crappy weather.

Actually, I went, got out my brand new white jeans that I've been wanting to wear, and they still have the tags on them. I also have a beautiful top that just looks awesome with them, plus add in my rhinestone studded sandals, a bit of makeup, a necklace and earrings, and I am set to go to Winstar!!!

Well, I call my Mom, and she has not even "given it much thought" of us going. Yada, yada, yada... about how bad the weather is supposed to be Sunday, and thinking we should postpone... well now we are looking at much later in the month, when I had doctors appointments in Dallas - two of them back to back on the 20th and 21t! Neither of which I can miss at all. One is to have my pain pump refilled, the other is my very LONG AWAITED getting to see my Rheumatologist again. It has been months and month, and months since I saw him. In fact due to something, in fact, I believe I had double pneumonia and was supposed to see him. I had to reschedule and the other appointment was like in December of 2014!!! So, it has taken me patiently waiting now for 6 MONTHS just to get into see him. I can see his PA of course much sooner, but seeing him, especially since we are possibly thinking of a medication change... I MUST NOT miss this appt!

I am NOT happy about this "discograph" business. From all I've read it is NOT a "comfortable" type of test. It is also much more invasive than having epidural steroid injections. So, that raises the risk of a spine fluid leak, or infection more than the injections. I see that depending on the scan and how far it needs to go, it can be anywhere from an hour to 2 or 3 hours, depending on what all the doctor orders. I know Medical City Hospital in an Excellent place. So, that in itself does not bother me. But, anytime now when you have a "compromised" immune system, whether autoimmune related, or whatever the case may be, you really are trying to "avoid" anything that could have the potential of causing infection, especially into the spinal fluid, blood and so on. 

When you are sick, the hospital is the very place you want to avoid usually. Because the others around you maybe having many more types of illnesses that could potentially cause a worse infection.

I've not really had many issues, as far as surgery goes. I usually do well under anesthetic. As far as a surgery, I have not had any massive complications. Yet, when you combine the AAI, the prednisone, the Orencia, and other meds I must take, then there is the rise in whether an infection could happen, rather than someone who does not have immune issues, or is not on medications that could cause you problems later.

I also know this is going to be one of those types of tests that no matter what I already have had done in the past 6 weeks, which was the CT Scan and then the epidural steroid injections into the Transforminal space around those vertebra, that shows that is the place of issue, this doctor STILL is going to insist that I have this other stupid test done.

Of course yes, I could "find" another surgeon. Well, that could lead to the exact same situation, and also could lead into me not having the "best of the best" as far as my Orthopedic surgeon go. He is the one that truly remedied my shoulder pain and my neck pain. Without him, I honestly don't think I would have made it.

To me, he is the "gold standard" in surgeons for these types of problems. Although once again his bedside manner is about like a jackass, and he is an argumenative, and thinks he knows absolutely everything, and patients as far as he is considered need to "follow his rules" and NOT try and tell him anything you may know.

So, it is trying to decide what is worse to deal with when it comes to having him as an Orthopedic Surgeon.

I've got to go to get dressed and run to "Wally world". I need a belt to go with some white jeans I would like to wear, thus there is about the only place here to look. Then I have to run Jim over to the Clinic in Waxahachie about some of his meds.

More to come.....