Wednesday, October 17, 2012


I have been waning and waxing on posting anything to do with the political scene or about the upcoming Presidential Election simply because of those views being so very personal and emotional for people. At first, I thought they also really did not belong here, but yes what is going on as far as the election most certainly DOES effect people with chronic illnesses, pain, the disability folks that are involved in this, and others that are not getting the health care coverage or even the health care they need in this nation. We have so many foreign countries that take better care of their own people than we do. Again, greed is the word I use for those who would rather line their own pockets, than pull a little hope out of those pockets for the people that need it the most. For the most part, if you are just at the "poor" level up to the middle working class that seem to pay the most for everything, your health care probably is none, or is very expensive, or probably has high co-pays and deductibles, plus you are lucky if the doctors take it. Boy, talk about a night mare. It it just about like moving Mount Rushmore, turning the heat down on the sun, and parting the Pacific Ocean to get either your insurance company, doctors office, &/or pharmacy to do their jobs!!! Especially when it comes to any of the "Medicare Advantage Plans", which if you are disabled "earlier" in life, you find out very quickly about how little Medicare really pays, and if it is even ALLOWED FOR YOU TO GET A SUPPLEMENT, which as of now it is just about impossible to get a "Medicare supplemental insurance policy" if you are below the age of about 62, possibly higher now in Texas! So, like myself many in Texas, and other states as well are stuck in getting a Medicare "Advantage" Plan, that kind of "takes over the reigns" for processing your claims. They work basically hand in hand with Medicare, but these plans also offer some "perks" of their own, they are MUCH LESS expensive than most supplements out there, which can run around $220.00 or MORE a month, and then they don't really pay much, unless you have lots of medical bills. I know my Mom was paying a HUGE amount monthly on her Medicare Supplement. Because she does not really have any huge health issues, and only takes a very few medications and only sees the doctor about 3 times a year, it was just money thrown away for her to pay that price. They usually never paid a dime, because they had her to meet all of their deductibles, and by that time, they did not a anything, because she does not have enough medical bills to even meet deductibles most years. So, we also switched her to a Medicare Advantage Plan in 2011. So far, if she continues to be in fairly good health, and honestly if she was to get ill, she still would be better off with this plan than any of the supplements for the most part.
So, back to the subject, Medicare, Health Insurance, and Health Care are just three of the MANY issues of this years Presidential Election. I will say right now I am a "President Obama" fan. NOT because he is a Democrat. I really don't care whether an elected official is in the "Red" or "Blue" zone of politics. What I DO CARE ABOUT is how they can run our country, take care of our needs as citizens and humans, and also keep us safe as possible, and hopefully keep us more out of debt, and out of wars which I realize sometimes is just a terrible thing to have to deal with, when it comes to protecting our nation and helping our allies. So, I voted for Obama last year and I am still backing him this year. Don't get me wrong, there are some things I see he could do differently, and some have not been gotten to yet, but this man stepped into a pile of CRAP, the day he walked into that office. He has been trying to mop up mess from at least 10 years BEFORE HE GOT THERE!!! So, "throwing the baby out with the bath water" for me is just not an option!!! The man needs a chance since we are out of one war, and calming down (hopefully) from another, has taken down the bad news bears of Wall Street (which was a freaking ridiculous mess and I cannot believe everyone turned their heads on that one), kept us OUT OF A DEPRESSION, as far as I believe, has gotten RID OF THE MAIN TERRORIST, or one of the hugest ones for sure, and worked his butt off to try and clean up what was screwed up LONG BEFORE he took office!! It would have been simple to walk in with a balance budget on the table, no wars, no Wall Street "agenda" and people stealing our money for their own greedy ways, plus all of the other 1001 issues that were already headed down the tubes!!! I feel if it were not for President Obama, we would be "in a fine mess" as the saying goes. No, we would be in the worst HELLUVA mess, that I feel would have made the Greatest Depression since the last one in the 20's/30's, look like child's play. I truly believe he was our safety net from falling in a hole we would NEVER dig ourselves out of. There was a lot at stake back in the 20/30's era also. But, think about just how much more financial stake, as well as how many more people there are here to take care of, feed, cloth, run stores, shops, manufacturing, all of the things that would probably be bankrupt for good. That isn't including the financial collapse of our entire nation. So, a Depression now, would be even worse than back then in many ways. But, also in that time, most everyone was on a "even" playing field. We had some people that had more than others, but for the most part, everyone farmed, raised most of the own food, bartered in town locally for what they needed, and traded the things they grew and raised for items they could use at home. You put one of these teenagers now out in a cotton field with a hoe in the 100 degree heat, and I wonder how long that would last, without an I-pod, their cell phone, text messaging, and the luxury of their best shoes and name brand clothes. That is another entire subject for another post. But people took care OF ONE ANOTHER. Everyone knew their neighbors. They truly CARED ABOUT EACH OTHER. They had barn raisings and such. If someone was down on their luck the town pulled together to help them. What would happen today if you went to your doctor with a chicken, and some home grown vegetables from your garden in trade for a checkup? Oh Lord!!! Talk about someone being laughed out of the city!!! But, that was how things went. What about a doctor who actually got out in the middle of the night, with his horse and buggy and made a HOUSE CALL to deliver a baby??? Hell they can't even spend 2 minutes in the office with you when you do have an appointment, much less every remotely call you back on a phone, much less ever come to a house!! Why that would be blasphemy according to some!!! I realize things have changed but WHO CHANGED THEM??? US, THE PEOPLE changed everything. We are the ones that have to have the best home, the best car the biggest FlatScreen HD THREE D...and every "D" television... the best designer purses, clothes, shoes for every outfit, kids that think anything less than the latest name brand fashions for school would cause them to be outcasts!!! That is where our world has gone... and we put a man, that has the initiative, the drive the know how, and the want to.... to put our nation back on track... to resolve our tremendous, mind boggling debt, to put people back to work, to FIX our broken down infrastructure, to fix our Medicare and Social Security continued solvency issues, and to make our country once again the one that "Old Glory" Truly stands for...what about WE the people, FOR the people, and BY the people... NOT just the RICH AND WEALTHY but EVERYONE!!!! GREED is a word, a social situation today that stands out everywhere you turn. GREED is one of the main reasons we are in the financial ruins that we are in right now. Greed is those that have more than it all, more than they can ever need, want and use, but they continue to prey on those that don't have it so they can line their pockets with every dime they can get hold of...and for what??? AS the old saying goes' YOU CAN"T take it IT WITH YOU!"
Morality fits right along with greed. The entire nation has gone nuts when we are so "immune" to things that are so immoral that we sit around and allow "home grown" terrorists to KILL innocent people! There is no REASON ANYONE in this country other than Armed Forces or Police that Need AUTOMATIC AK-47'S AND THE LIKE!!! NOT one DEER or BIRD hunter would tell you those weapons are needed to hunt!!! And furthermore... that is in "satire" OVERKILL if you want to "protect" your home and family!!! Get a can of mace, pepper spray, keep a ball bat under your bed, or even a shot gun... there are other items and other ways to protect your home and family besides having a gun or usually guns in your home. Like the song about a "Louisville Slugger" to both "head lights"... well up beside of the head of someone harming you will work also... but we sit around on our hands in fear of saying WE WANT MORALITY ONCE AGAIN! We want our nation back, that is FOR ALL!!! NOT for SOME!!!! We must take a good look around at some of the issues that our children, grandchildren and the generation to come will have to deal with due to our own "nonchalant" form of thinking. So, I have said lots here, that has lots to do with the government, politics, about our Social Security, Medicare, and those people that are now using it, and to come in the future. I have touched upon our broken health care system... and I have said for myself I DO NOT believe that you must be "all" Democrat OR "ALL" Republican... but some feel that is the only way... I am fully backing our current incumbent - President Obama and I intend to do my very best to use the tools I have to help him make this country great once again. If I can give my own voice, to sign petitions, send emails and letters to our elected officials, any and every thing in my own power to do, I intend on doing. I feel that is my duty of being a citizen here. We cannot do it alone. BUT, if we STAND TOGETHER, IN UNITY, NOT DIVIDED, we can once again make AMERICA the very best nation to be proud of in this world,

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