Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Laugh Now!!!- Drama in the OR yesterday!!

  I had a "temporal artery biopsy" yesterday due to some double vision issues I have been having for about7 months. this is what happened yesterday am in the Operating Room right when I was waking up from surgery!!! This doctor I can attest has the personality of a wall, in fact worse. but, I found out he has a temper like heck also... thus this is the post about my experience coming out of the OR...

Well the most part is over. I had the biopsy yesterday am. All went well but dammit I have a fairly long incision right at my hairline on the right side at my temple.. The worst part is dammit he had to shave a tiny bit of hair off right there and of course you can see that. It happens to be on the side of my head that tends to be thinner as far as my hair goes than the left. Since my hair has grown out, I will be able to cover it up I think but I am still upset that they had to shave it at all. He never told me that, but I already knew due to my own research. I should have the pathology results in 5 days. I have to drive all the way back to his office in Dallas though again this afternoon just for him probably to check this... which it looks fine. I think me going up there is stupid and a waste of time and gas..but he is a real jackass! Speaking of I have to tell all of you what went down in the OR with me in there!!!! First of all, they never let my husband back before I went in. They got me ready, and the nurses missed telling him. So, the anesthesiologist, and the nurse came in, told me that I would be given "twilight" or Prophanol... or whatever and I would not know what was going on during the procedure. Thank goodness. So, they wheeled me in, and he was getting ready to give me the meds, which I felt burn like hell in my arm, and the next thing I know he is waking me up, calling my name... I was awfully groggy but still in the same OR room... well everyone was moving around in there I guess cleaning up for the next case, and my doctor was there also!! He began shouting "Get her out of here"!!!! I means he was hollering to the top his lungs at the OR nurse!!! I think she even tried to come back in and talk to him and he was shouting and cussing to get her the hell out and he never wanted to see her in his OR room again!!! And dammit I really never knew exactly what transpired between the two of them, to cause him to be that horribly upset all the while here I am the patient just waking up after surgery and hearing all of this.. The guy that was my anesthesiologist keep asking me if I was okay, and several of the other staff from the OR standing there, and I was fine just puzzled as to what happened to make him that pissed that he would go off on her like that in front of staff and a patient right there coming out of surgery!!!! It was something else. Everyone was nice and even asked me after they took me to the post-op room if I was okay.... I think he even screamed something about "CALL SECURITY"!!!!! Get them up here!!!!! OMG!!! It is kind of funny but also scary to know he has that kind of temper... I knew he was not very "social" and his bedside manner sucked but damned... I am glad I don't have to work for him.... that would be a nightmare..........anyway that was my excitement, other than I came home with a damned "diaper" looking thing on my head that LOL..in the middle of the night, I had some kind of dream, and remember jerking it off...LOL..so thus he is supposed to take it off today anyway..but I am scared if I don't have it on in the office when I go in he might scream at me also!!!!!:)


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