Sunday, October 28, 2012

Medical REAL LIFE horror in the OR! Totally UNWARRANTED!

this is the largest mess I am seen in our medical society and just continues to get worse by the moment! It is a testament to just how fouled up we are with our medical situation in this nation. My questions is HOW can VIALS of a medication that goes through many hands, from the compounding pharmacy, to the hospitals pharmacy, to the nurses who pick it up, to those who handle the vial in the OR, to even the main OR nurse and the DOCTOR!!!!, and you mean to tell me NOT ONE person saw "CRAP" floating around in a CLEAR VIAL of medication???? How can that be??? So many people handle a vial of medication for injection like that, thus missing some greenish black or white filament like stuff floating in fluid that is supposed to be either clear or even if a little cloudy when shaken etc... SOME ONE should have SEEN IT????? We have TOO MANY PATIENTS, and doctors that SEE too may patients, they do too many procedures daily, and that is why these kinds of mistakes are not caught somewhere in the chain. BEFORE doctors had to FIGHT TO KEEP ENOUGH MONEY TO HAVE A PRACTICE, any and all of the staff that saw those "vial" of contaminated medication would have been very aware that something was very wrong. Now, doctors barely even know who someone is in their office and probably less in the OR!!! They have a chart, a nurse to make sure they have the right person and other staff like the anesthesiologist to keep the patients straight, and doctors do even surgeries like "herding" cattle through a shoot for slaughter! It is one after the other... half the time, they don't even "close". Some assistant does the final suturing, stapling, gluing or however the final incision is closed. Believe me, I can tell the difference after surgery of the doctors that KNOW THEIR PATIENTS and they do the surgery from opening to closing every step. I witnessed this idiot that did my biopsy on my temporal artery the other day practically running out of OR, stripping off that gown to hurry for a new one, and I heard them say yes, the next one is ready basically! Now you tell me how the hell we don't have even more medical mistakes from bad medications (contaminated), to wrong medicines given, to wrong surgeries performed (and their are more than we really know), to nurses who do NOT follow doctors orders(and I have experienced MANY of them), to any and every other type of "so-called accident" there could be in the realms of medical care at any facility!!! These types of issues have gotten to be so "mundane" compared to all of our other mess in the world that the news medical "don't feel this kind of stuff is NEWS WORTHY ENOUGH to even talk about anymore. This is the very reasons our entire system needs to be changed. this business about doctors overworked with too many patients, and too many not needed procedures, scans, X-rays, blood tests, expense invasive things done, and the list goes on, and all due to the name of the game..MONEY, AND GREED!!!! I was speaking of my book just below, here is the subject of an entire book for me!!!! I have been through enough surgeries, tests, procedures, doctors, and seen mistakes in my own life as far as medical mistakes to FILL A BOOK! One in particular was so bad it ALMOST COST ME MY LIFE! And I am NOT JOKING about that one. IT alone could be a book. So, this is very near and dear to my heart. Our system is BROKEN, it is filled with doctors who have to do enough "procedures" "tests", surgeries and what have you to be able to keep a business open! I just kind of "lost" my own Rheumatologist who had his own PERSONA PRACTICE open for over 7 YEARS!!! But, due to the ever climbing prices of the business he had to CLOSE IT AND GO TO TEACHING, RESEARCHING, and then SOME PRACTICING, BUT ONLY PART-TIME NOW!! And he was the BEST Rheumatologist in the DFW area, in fact I venture to say in TEXAS! He knew his patients, he was never late, he ALWAYS LISTENED, HE never over scheduled, when you needed prior authorization on medications, he DID IT RIGHT THERE IMMEDIATELY HIMSELF IN THE ROOM, I mean the man knows his stuff. I could not fathom him unable to meet his obligations, but it is due to the horrible mess with insurance companies, Medicare, and the entire screwed up ball of crap our medical situation is in!!! Good doctors cannot survive!!!!! I have been watching this since it first unfolded as I said above since my issues of 2010 honestly almost killed me. It was supposed to be a "routine" gallbladder removal. I can tell you it was anything but "routine" and it went so far beyond a gallbladder removal, that when in the end was more than likely NOT NEEDED! It just goes to show, sometimes "things are not what they seem", doctors should TAKE MORE TIME TO SEE THE EVIDENCE, rather than waiting for a million tests, get down to the brass tacks of what is really going on. I realize my circumstances were very emergent, and symptoms revealed things that appeared to be gall bladder related. But, the surgeon that done the procedure either fouled up, and never admitted it OR something went very wrong in the hours following that surgery. What made it worse, is because it HAPPENED to be  "WEEKEND" so rather than try to nail down the problems or transfer me, they waited.... AND ALMOST WAITED TOO LONG!! By the time I was finally transferred to another hospital, it was almost too late! Even then my life was very touch and go for days. They had called my family in to be "together" more than once during several of the operations I endured over the coming days. I believe I was more in the operating room than out, them trying to first even establish what the real problem was, then what to do to fix it. Still honestly till this day, even reading the records, I don't think they knew what the issues really were, other than I was extremely and critically ill. I lost over a week or more of "time" where I had no clue what happened. My husband has tried to fill in the blanks, because I was so severely ill, and had so much medication in me, that I don't remember many of the surgeries that went on. There was an entire week, that I thought that my husband never even came to the hospital yet he had been there every day, sometimes he drove two times daily all the way from Ennis to see me. It was a living hell for him and my family... and for me! I, at the time was so ill, I did not realize just how badly things were. But, each time I see something like this, especially when it involves a situation that SOME ONE COULD HAVE CAUGHT THIS!!! , PLUS IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED! I watched the news and saw last night,  A COUPLE BOTH HAD INJECTIONS. The wife passed away, and now the HUSBAND is ill with meningitis!!! So that family may lose BOTH PARENTS to this absolutely stupid certainly KNOWN error. It proves once again GREED RULES! Due to being cheap, to make a few bucks rather than sterile and clean to save peoples lives they went for the cheap, contaminated, filthy route! Can you imagine being injected directly into your SPINAL FLUID THAT SURROUNDS YOUR BRAIN WITH MOLD AND CONTAMINATED MEDICATIONS?????? It just makes me ill to even think about it!!!!!

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