Monday, October 29, 2012

Ramblings of a Seasoned Soul "Brush Strokes of Life in Words"

                                         Ramblings of A Seasoned Soul
                                 Brush Strokes of Life through Words

It is Done!!! Finally after so many years, way more than 30, I have published my very first book! I pray there will be several more to follow! For most of my life, I have written, poetry, journal writing, just writing. I write for all kinds of reasons, through pain, happiness, sadness, strife, chronic illness, love, laughter, and life above all!!! I promised myself that before I take that one last breath, I would get a book published! TODAY October 29th, 2012, is another one of those monumental days of life that make you feel you are standing a top your own mountain and not one soul could ever make you roll down again! But, those rolls down are what gave me all of the words to make this book and the ones to follow reality.
I am excited to share these poems with my family, friends, and all of those that have been an inspiration along the way. My favorite song lyrics (one of many) has always been "when they carve my stone, all they need to write on it, is once lived a girl who got all she ever wanted, tell me something... who could ask for more.... to be living in a moment... you would die for... alas this is one of those shining moments... a day in my own life that is one of infamy! My hopes are that in reading these works of life, love, pain, and all that go into the spaces in between, you are moved to climb to your own mountain top... and stay there, with the sun shining upon your face. To all that continue to inspire me.... I am honored.....


HERE!!! is the OFFICIAL link to my new book!

Ramblings of a Seasoned Soul - Link

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