Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Negative"??? or just BETTER on the Giant Cell Arteritis!

Well the biopsy was negative, which is exactly what we expected... plus he never admitted that the Prednisone may have healed it before we could get the biopsy done...he just said well it is negative for Giant Cell Arteritis... of course which is good...
The jackass did take out the stitches...BUT it really was NOT quite healed enough and now there is a kind of GAP there!!! and of course it will show on the side of my head with a scar if it does not heal right, plus he said "be careful" because it may split open, and the first thing that happened is I accidentally bumped it putting on my glasses, he did not even butterfly it or anything!!!! We got some and my husband put them on right away... he then had the audacity to want to see me in a week! Hell there is not any more he can do.... we asked him what was wrong.. he never admitted it could have been the Arteritis but the Prednisone already fixed it, like we both read... and then he would not admit possibly he did not know. and made some remark that it could be "several" things the Prednisone may have helped!!!! Plus not once has that incident in the OR he pulled been mentioned. WE feel like something should be done or said about his actions especially since he never bothered to apologize to me over it... we are totally disgusted, and feel like it probably was just as we thought, the Arteritis... that did get better due to the higher dosage of Prednisone... and we are NOT going back next week... if I have a new symptom or it was to get worse, then I will jump that bridge when I get to it..

The entire ordeal has been a nightmare from the very beginning and all He did was make it worse, with the bull crap he put me through basically for nothing I think! I am happy the biopsy is "negative" but from the start I think as a Doctor he is more concerned about MONEY than honestly the patient's well being. Maybe I am wrong, but then to NOT say a word about his terrible stunt that I talked about in the OR while I was jut out from under the anesthetic, and to just really never say either I "think" this may have been "this or that", or plain admit he was really not sure what was causing the double vision, he just shrugged us off and made ANOTHER APPOINTMENT IN A WEEK!!! FOR WHAT!!!??? To charge my insurance more!!! I have already had like 8 visits or so in about 6 weeks or so... it is insanity... and I am off this roller coaster of madness starting NOW!!!! It just goes to show you MUST watch out for YOURSELF!! Just because they are a DOCTOR, nurse or other health care worker DOES NOT MEAN they have YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART!!!!!

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