Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Blessings, News on A Medical Center Specializing in Chronic Illness, and More...

Lots of bits of great information today! First of all, wishing everyone a Blessed Easter! Whatever your beliefs may be, is not the main issue... the main thing is we all would love to have peace... of heart, of mind, of body and soul. So, I wish everyone a day full of peace, of joy, of family and friends, laughter of children looking for those hidden eggs, and all that today means for you and yours.

I had seen the the "mini-series" "The Bible" is on the Discovery Channel, and thought I missed it. IT appears to really be a great movie, however your beliefs stand, I was really intrigued by the small bits I saw advertised. Enough that I went and found I could down load it all today. There are about 5 different two hour shows to it, so it will be one to watch over days to come for sure. Just a quick thought in case anyone is interested.

Now for other things. I was reading the news this morning, and found out about a new clinic in Scottsdale AZ, who specialize in treatment of chronic illnesses, such as Lupus, FN,, CFS, Chronic Lyme Disease, and also Cancers. They seem to have a totally different view of these illnesses, believing of course, that Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are very REAL! That is not just some "made up" thing to use when doctors have problems figuring out difficult illnesses such as these, or the ones that think women are "depressed, hypochondriacs, nut cases" of whatever. They seem to belief all of these stem from a particular virus, (which I have thought for a very long time that FM, CFS are some how related to Lupus, RA, and all of the other autoimmune illnesses) and that it is these viruses that need to be treated, because they are at the core of why these illnesses come on. As often said, you may carry this around for many years, then a traumatic event, a wreck, an accident, a loss of family, even a stress such as a wedding, etc.. maybe something as benign as having a tooth pulled sets these viruses suddenly in motion, and thus we come down with these life-altering chronic diseases that can just totally ruin our lives in so many ways.

Here is the URL:

I hope you will check it out. I was truly bowled over with some things I read there. They do make sense in many ways, plus they treat the "entire person" and not just pushing some pills down your throat.

Also, horrific news in a neighboring country Kaufman County TX. They found their District Attorney and his wife shot to death yesterday in their home. They feel this is connected to the murder just aouple of months ago of one of their Assistant DA's. It happened on a work morning around 9am, right in front of the court house. Someone shot him in the middle of the day and got away. I even read that the gentleman in CO, (an official) opened his front door and someone also shot him standing in his front door at his home. They talked as if they suspected the three slayings may all be some how related. I know it rattled me. What a horrible situation.

We are already battling I am sure with the notion of a nuclear situation with the idiot over in N. Korea. It is difficult to fathom that one young man could have that much power over a country of people. I was reading this morning about how he does not even allow them internet, and they sure never get the truth about America and our people. Those people over their think we are horrible, and that we live entirely different than what we do. It was just ridiculous the things I read that they are told there. When you read a headline that says something like "N. Korea's Ominous Bluster" you can't help me be frightened that his insane actions could lead him into making one mis-step are all out nuclear war begins. I know we don't like to think about it, but how can you not when you hear what is happening over there. Things are almost a nightmare in our own country, and some of what is going on, but that over there and those threats are nothing to sit around and laugh about I don't think.

I had talked about my latest venture in making a new quilt. I have had the "fat quarters" of material now for a while. I bought them at a huge discount a while back, knowing they should come out making a Queen Sized Quilt. I already have a backing material, thus other than having to possibly purchase more battling, I don't like much putting it together. I have not been able to get to working on it over the past months due to my own surgeries, illnesses, and everything else in life that goes on. Thus after being able to have a break from feeling so rotten, I got out the sewing machine, and all of those pieces of material, and put a quilt top together over the past couple of days. LOL, I have to laugh at myself though. I was going to make it "plain" for the most part. The material is all different colors, thus it is a patchwork of color for sure. And I was just going to put it together like it is, with some material I have had for a while as the backing, that is kind of a patterned very light peach and white, with the batting in between, and sew in the seams to "quilt" it down. Then yesterday, I got out a couple of the books I bought about quilting and then got to thinking about doing an applique or doing some other type of stitching into it, etc! I don't want to get too carried away with the "fancy" things, because then I will get disgusted with it, and not get it completed. So, after getting the whole thing sewn together, it dawned on me, if I were wanting to do something special on the individual squares, like an applique, I should have done that BEFORE SEWING the entire thing as a top!!! LOL, now if I decide to do something so technical, that means having to have the entire heavy quilt top at the machine all at once. Which is fine, and I may not do that particular thing anyway. But, it just goes to show I am out of practice unlrss I a hemming pants, or doing something simple. Hell, I got confused in putting the thread into the machine correctly, and had to get my book out to make sure I was doing the right. It had a "self"threading device on it to thread the needle, and I have still not figured that out even with the book! It just does not make sense to me the way the directions say. So, as usual, I thread it by hand... easier and much less stressful! :) So, there are my bits and pieces of things for the weekend.

I am not sure if I mentioned here that my Mom's 2nd round of tests on her heart were much, much better! IN fact, so much better, that she does NOT face further testing or surgery for now! Just the same routine of medication and watching very closely her sodium intake. That made us extremely happy last Tuesday! We were all truly blessed and relieved to have the good news on that one.

Still waiting on the "thunderstorms", that so far have not been here. Ah, but it is TX! So, one moment the sun is shining and the next it is black as coal dust and ready to blow you away....

May you enjoy your Easter Day, Rhia

As I wrote this yesterday, I had forgotten to add that Eater Sunday was the day my Dad passed away in 2005. It seems impossible it has been 8 years! There are times it feels like forever and then other times it feels like it was just yesterday. Honestly, as much as I still miss him everyday, he is much better there than here. My Dad would not be able to handle all of the tremendous changes in our world today. He had a large enough issue with the changes about the last 15 years of his life. He was so used to a "small town", with a very small town attitude, that he found it hard to accept some things that the world brought in so quickly. Things like a cellphone, even a cordless phone, he just did not understand it. Heck for years he was "leasing" a phone from AT & T and they were charging Mom monthly for that until I had it fixed! He came from a time, during the Great Depression, that there were no televisions, only radio's, there were no cars when he was very small, a school was a one room building where all grades First through Senior were in the same room. He was Valedictorian of his graduating class. He was not really able to accept why I would go to college, and even though he could see why I needed to work, he felt a woman should really be at home, and the man be the main money maker, just as it was with him and Mom. A Computer??? Forget it! No way he would fathom that. He was more of a stickler for the "old ways". Even though some of that changed as he saw the world change, he really never was able to accept most of it. Anyway, if he were here now, and saw all of the horrid things that are happening daily in our nation and around the globe, even the "good" things like technology, it would just be something he could not accept. As things go, I guess we shall all be that way in one realm or other. So much changes so quickly. We have news and information, of the latest at our fingertips. When you think about what changes have happened over the past 50 years it is mind boggling.  Anyway, I felt I needed to add this since it was the Easter part of the day he passed away. 

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