Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wondering Just How "Special" these "Specialists" are? Tired of being put through the same test 20 times...

I am to the point, that I have decided some of these doctors just do tests over and over again, and they really don't "listen" or look at what we already have had done. I went to have that EMG and NCS(Nerve Conduction Study) yesterday. I was under the impression that is ALL this neurologist was supposed to do. I had shown some issues with lack of reflexes on the right side with all of the horrid leg pain stuff, and I also felt like my right leg may have been hurting worse, plus it felt somewhat weaker than the left side. Anyway, first of all this doctor was EXTREMELY LATE! My appointment was at 3:00pm, in Dallas, and he did not even come into the room until 5:00!!!! We waited on him in the tiny exam room that was cold and uncomfortable for two hours. It was nuts. Then he comes in, asks me a little about what is going on, and I explained a little about the pain, and then my pain specialist wanting to check with an EMG to see if I have some nerve issues that could be contributing to the pain. Well, he begins to do a total exam on me, and that takes 20 minutes or more. Then he says he will be back in a few minutes, and he finally comes back with the EMG/NCS equipment, and begins those tests. That takes at least another 25 minutes or so. Meanwhile I think the entire building had just about gone home! Anyway, he then does explain I do have some "neuropathy" and possibly a pinched nerve, but does not elaborate on where or how badly etc. But, does say he will get a report to Dr. Campos. Then he begins to tell me he wants me to have ANOTHER CT BRAIN SCAN! (I JUST HAD ONE LESS THAN 6 MONTHS AGO), that he did finally get the report on just before we left, and he wants me to see these "specialists" in PAD! Then we wants more blood work, that all of it but one thing which is a test for gout, my PCP just done two weeks ago, and he in fact is repeating it this Thursday due to the myoglobin stuff. When I said I already have a rain CT that is with and without contrast, was done less than 6 months ago, and shows there is no sign of stroke etc, (which is what he was looking for, and I feel has nothing to do with my leg issues), he said no he wanted a "different" one and wanted it done at some place in Dallas! WEll, that is a crock of bull! Why do these doctors have to always think they have to have all of their own testing, when these tests have been just performed??? Why should I go through another round of a CT, I just had one last week on my lower spine!, and then each on of them costs me $200.00 each!!!! It is insanity. Plus I have a cardiologist I see next week. IF there are issues with any sign of "PAD" Periphial Artery Disease" she can test that for herself. Why should I go to yet another set of doctors I don't know I thing about, that are again in Dallas, when gas it already so high, I do well to see the couple of doctors I need to in Dallas? He wants to put me through all of the same stuff I have just been through, and he has no clue, that I am facing all of this stuff with my Mom and her heart, I have a life, I have other issues and I cannot be running to Dallas every 5 minutes to repeat tests I have had just done... I was so angry when I left.... yes he is a good doctor from what could gather, and I did get the EMG and it got sent to my pain doctor, which is the reason for the visit anyway, but I refuse to go through any of this other mess. I told my husband, other than ask my cardiologist next weeks about the PAD stuff, I am NOT going to go through any of this, and I do not feel I have the need to see this doctor again. Then while we were headed that way, I get a cal from my pain doctor's office saying that he wants to reschedule the surgery to look at the pain pump catheter, again, on Friday! I just had left a message with his nurse a week ago, that the pain was somewhat better, and that I did not want to be "cut" on unless he knows something else that I have not been told, I prefer to wait, and let's see what all of these other tests show. As far as I know the CT scan did not show anything that they could see wrong with the catheter. Of course they can't get a really good look other than see it is where it is supposed to be and not pulled loose or kinked. But, why when I was headed to have this EMG done anyway, would they once again want to try and do surgery on me on Friday? Anyway, I just called the "head" woman over all of this and left her a message. I asked her about why the "urgency" of this surgery to "look" at the catheter? Why if he does feel it necessary to do it now, rather than see if the tests along with me just getting somewhat better could be that there is nothing wrong with the pump at all, or maybe whatever was happening did "fix" itself with the pulling out of the old fluid and putting in new fluid. Anyway, I am fed up with all of them. They will not work together, they want to send you to 50 new "specialists" that you do not know, and they are 50 miles away, plus they want to repeat tests you have just been through and that is just not necessary. It hurts our insurance premiums by raising them up with unnecessary costs, it hurts us by putting us through tests like that over and over again, it costs us out of pocket a ridiculous amount, and it takes out of our precious time in a day, when he is not something that had to be done. I am to the place that I am going to just start analyzing this stuff and if I feel I really do not need it done, that I am going to just refuse to have this crap done.
Don't get me wrong, I do TRUST my "regular" physicians that have been taking care of me for years. My PCP I trust and would have done anything he said. I feel that way about my Rheumatologist, and usually my Pain Specialist, other than this business about having this surgery on the catheter done so quickly, rather than wait. Surgery is surgery... and I feel it needs to be done just if it is truly that necessary. But, when you are hauled off to some "specialist" that you no nothing about, (like my nightmare with the "neuro-opthamologist" that turned out to be nuts and possibly a quack), I just do not feel I HAVE TO go along with each and every expensive test they decide to do, and especially when I JUST HAD THE SAME TESTS DONE, and they just decide they want their own. That is one of many huge issues with the medical world. They will NOT many times work together, but rather want to do their own thing, and then the patient gets caught between 10 doctors, 20 tests, that often times are repeated, and we do not know who is who, and whom to believe. I have just had more than enough.
 I face this business with my Mom, depending on the outcome next week with her 2nd Echocardiogram (which this one should be repeated, it is for a very good reason), and my prayers are that this one looks much better than the first one. So, these doctors just don't know (because they do not care about our lives as a whole) what the rest of our lives are like. They decide they want something and to hell with what else is happening with us. It is insanity, and it is enough to drive many of us insane...

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