Thursday, March 28, 2013

Whom Can "Fire" Who?? A Doctor "firing" a patient? Why can't we fire them???

Maybe some of you have had this happen, but in all my years of doctors this as a first! I got a letter in the mail this week from the neurologist that did my EMG/NCS about 4 weeks ago. ALL he was supposed to do was those tests, nothing else. Well, he did this whole gamut of crap, and then told me I needed to see a Vascular doctor, and have more blood work(I just had the same stuff), plus he wanted ANOTHER CT SCAN that I just HAD 4 MONTHS AGO and spent a fortune on that showed NOTHING! Well, I spoke to my own doctors about the whole thing, and they told me none of what he wanted was necessary, but if I did want to have my arteries checked out my cardiologist told me it was an okay idea but no huge hurry. Well the letter told me he as of me receiving that letter cancelled the "doctor/patient" relationship. I thought maybe he was in trouble or something so I called. Just because I DID NOT GO TO THE VASCULAR doctor immediately (when I had already told them I had my Mom's mitral heart situation to clear up first), plus HE WAS NOT MY DOCTOR, HE was to do JUST THE TESTS!, anyway He basically "fired" me as a patient!!!!! What an ass! In the first place I was not going back and did not even have an appt with him. in the 2nd place my pain dr. who requested the tests already has seen me and the tests and has told me what I needed to do. And in the 3rd place CAN WE FIRE OUR DOCTORS WHO TREAT US LIKE CRAP??? MAKE US GO THROUGH STUPID EXPENSIVE TESTS that we do NOT need??? What a jack ass!!! We had a huge laugh over it! So, any of you been "fired" for not doing EXACTLY what your doctor suggested??? I thought this was a "free" world....

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