Saturday, March 2, 2013

"Sequestration"? Has Anyone Really Found Our Exactly what this Term Means to Ua at the People?

We have so many "terms" we hear over the media, that we are to the place I do not think we even really "think" about their meaning. We have had "names" for this, that and the other, "made up" by media, by politicians, we heard our dear Texas Governor talk about "Sequestering" TX from the Union, and so forth, has anyone really given over the time to look up what this word as far as the "political" meaning is "Sequestration"? Well, it goes a long ways over from anything to do with "pulling away from the union". And the the ramifications for us, the People of this nation are going to be severe. Yet, that bunch "WE ELECTED" TO DO a job decided to walk off, leave a day early, for some totally unknown reason on Thursday, while "Bone Head" runs his mouth, and leave the halls of Congress empty, allowing this "Sequestration" business to move right along. How can anyone that is sworn in to live up to "taking care" of our government, and the people that support him or her, walk out in such a dire strait time, and more or less say to "hell" with it? The "playing of politics" has went way too far, and we need to be telling them we have had a belly full of their games. I hope that with elections of these officials coming up soon (although not soon enough in my opinion) all of us are truly giving thought to the way this bunch of "so-called Senators and Congress Men and Woman have acted, or I might as well say Not-acted_ during their terms. They have sat on their laurels, they have mouthed off at one another like a bunch of 1st graders, they have argued, pitched stupid lies back and forth, allowed the media to just have a hay day with their schemes, and bull, leaving us hanging in the gallows of the worst recession, to almost the extent of a depression, and it is not over yet folks. Take a very good look around at your home town. Mine is just in self destruct. As I drove around a couple of days ago, just about every store in our "down town" area is closed and up for sale. Or there is a "check cashing" or "title loan" place on every corner. Even our Old Sonic is now a car title loan spot! I count MORE check cashing and car title loan places, along with pawn shops than I do actual real places of business just within 20 square blocks of my town!!! Yet, they can walk the hell off their "jobs" and (might as well since they don't do a damned thing) and get PAID TO DO NOTHING!!! Tell me, if you acted that way at your place of business, would you continue to have a job and get a check??? I think NOT! Yet, they do!!! There is not a damned thing right about anything that goes on anymore within what is called a fair type of government. We take away from the poor and the middle class, and make them ever more poor to the place they cannot pay their bills, take care of their kids and eat, yet we call that "democracy"? We allow that bunch to threaten our entitlement programs, the only thing most of us have for retirement these days, and where are they going to get that money when us or our kids get ready to retire? Tell me how "the greatest nation in the world" has the worst ratings of kids graduating? Then we send them to college, they have to take Loans out to pay for it, and if they are lucky enough to land a job after college, they spend 10 or 15 YEARS PAYING OFF LOANS they had to get to go to college????? There is NOTHING right about that!!! I sure as heck don't see any of them cutting "the fat" off their checks!!! It is insanity to hear just how uncaring that bunch up there are. Unless you have a big corporation, with lots of money and power, where you can line their pockets in one way or the other, you are nothing in their eyes. As much as I love America, I in ways despise the way it treats our citizens. We must fight, scratch, scrimp and beg for every dime. I have been through situations as of late, due to illness and also helping out a Mom who is getting up in age, and the "hoops" you must jump through to get a "job" done, and done well are ridiculous. It appears that people have gotten so displeased with their life, their employment that they literally do not care if they do a job right or not. It would take me both hands and all of my fingers to name all of the things I have had to do to get people to do what they are supposed to do. I have to wonder why that is. Not long ago, people were PROUD of doing a job well done. American People took pride in whatever they did, whether it was in a bank, digging a ditch, farming, working in insurance or whatever, you could depend on them to do it, and do it well. Not any more. I have been treated like a fool, basically called a liar, had to have numerous conversations, that have taken months and months to get an insurance claim paid correctly, to get a freezer warrantied correctly, to get a doctor to do his job right, and the list is endless of things I have done, because others will NOT do their jobs!!! I have to ask myself why is it. when jobs are the most scarce now, it is so difficult to find someone to do it correctly? Because of the non-caring attitude of our government, and the way we are treated, the attitude has trickled down to each of us, and people are sick and tired of it. They have fought the battle for too long, and when you finally have battled to the point of fatigue, you just throw up your hands and say, I have had enough!!! And that is what we are a nation and society have had IS ENOUGH!!!

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