Monday, April 15, 2013

A Pleasant and Prosperous Weekend around My Home

I can say that I actually had a very good weekend, got lots done (although I wanted to accomplish more), the weather was beautiful, got some things over at Mom's also fixed for her (curtain rod brackets, etc. that needed to be replaced, smoke alarm batteries and so forth), also got my own pillows washed and dried, decided on trying to get our guy that does our stuff at the house that we can't DIY on (like finishing laying floors in the kitchen, hooking lights up in the bath etc) added up costs, materials etc.), got some of my plants cleaned up and out on the front porch, did get some work done on my 2nd book, my quilt is coming along so nicely! I have all of the "hearts" appliqued on now, and I am doing all of the fancy stitching around them! I am so proud of it. I also got some inspiration to try making some "healthier" home made pizza's that turned out terrific! We liked the one we made even better than any of the grease soaked take out or frozen ones around! IT was all fresh veggies, and chicken breast with garlic, fresh colored bell peppers, purple onion, mushrooms, & I used low fat Mozzarella blended (the Italian cheeses blended and shredded) cheese, marinara sauce, and I did use the Pillsbury roll out crust from the dairy section. I am going to make my own next time, and try doing it with wheat flour or even try something like soy, rice or another substance that is flour like, but healthier. We also put some yellow salad pepper rings on it and at the very last, had a fresh tomato we had cut up, put on for about 2 more minutes and allowed it to just warm up. It was awesome, easy, NO oil, NO added salt, we did not OVER due the cheese, and the crust was our only real (not as healthy) ingredient we used! It was easy, and fun. And talk about delicious. We had taken a chicken breast off the bone, cut it up into small pieces, put it in a non-stick skillet with a teaspoon of canola oil, and used 2 of the Mrs. Dash's. I love the "spicy" one, and she has one that is Herbs and Garlic. Then of course we must have the fresh black pepper. Then we put the mushrooms in after the chicken was done, and saute' them just a minute or two before putting them on the pizza! WE already have thought ahead for another one this week. I have lots of the fresh peppers etc left and have to get those used or they will ruin. We are going to try our hand at one that we used to get in Seattle. It has more of a "white sauce" on it than red, with the chicken and they put artichokes on theirs. Now I am not a fan of them, BUT on that pizza they were delicious. So, we are going to see if we can reproduce it. I am STILL IN horrible PAIN! I dealt with it all weekend long. So, still I did not get to do as much as I really wanted. I need my flowerbed cleaned out, and a few things in the yard done for spring, but me and the hoe just could not meet this weekend. It really hurts me that I can't work in the yard more. I LOVE yard work! But, between the sun and Lupus, and all of the painful muscles, nerves and joints, I can only do so much, and certain things. I felt like even though it was not nearly all my list had on it, at least I was able to feel like I really made some head way on things I have been wanting to do, but either have been tied up at the doctors, or tests, or just hurting TOO badly to do them. I pray the weather (even though we are expecting another one of those damned storms later this week, where the temps go from 85 degrees to 39 overnight dammit!), so that will again put my body in shock, I pray I can also find the hell out what is wrong. I did not hear back last week from my doctor on the important blood work for this abnormal Myoglobin in my blood stream! It has been well over a week since they did the test and it should have been here either Thursday or Friday last week! I am getting a bit put out with all of them. His office is really not good I think due to him not being able to keep employees! As soon as you get used to one, they are gone and someone you do not recognize is there. It really hurts the patients in many ways... and the doctors office. Anyway, I wish everyone a very good week! Take care of you and yours, Rhia

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