Friday, April 26, 2013

Five Living Presidents, Many Showing Their Care, The Bad, Good and Surreal

I think the word "Surreal" really fits all of the things going on in my home state of TX, of our nation, and around the world. It seems there is so much "bad" news, it is frightening. Plus, we just know that there could be more not so great situations happening with our nation if there is "hard evidence" about chemical weapons and their use in another country. Are we to the place that so much seems to just happen daily, that we are almost immune to the bad? So, often I have found either people hear something and they are horrified, or just the total opposite, people seem to think "Oh Well, what's new?" Nothing, nothing like what has happened over the past couple of weeks should be considered "normal". From the bombs in Boston, to the explosion in West TX, we should all feel we need to be "diligent" when we are out and about in our surroundings. At no time should be think in these days as they are "it is just a trip to the store". Or our town is small nothing will happen here. As we see sometimes that is just where things happen, in the "small town" settings where horrible things are not expected. No longer is our "bad events" thought to be kept for "large cities", but can happen at any time, in any small town or city, any where, where you least expect it.
You can bet that those in West never thought as they watched TV or ate dinner than within moments their entire lives would be changed forever. Yet, things can happen no matter where you are. IT is truly a "surreal" feeling to see things such as a building collapsed as in Bangladesh, and 100's of people have been crushed in this horrendous accident. Or take a look at West, when you think about a few tanks of something that would seem so "harmless" could cause such a huge explosion and harm so many, we just cannot fathom something such as that, even after we "see" it. It takes time for us to really "feel" and know it is true
I also think for us we have heard the ward "war" so much, it has come to be 2nd nature to us. The news is full of it, our nation is already in it, and had been forever. Yet, to know we could be on the cusp of another war, due to a country using chemical weapons against their own people, that should be something we take extremely seriously. That certainly is not some "war" once again, but something that is such a potential danger for our nation.
  Here is my post from FB this am about all of the news around our nation and world....

Gosh lots of things going on in our State of TX, as well as around the nation and world. It was an honor to see all of the 5 living Presidents and the First Ladies together. I would have loved to be there for the opening of the Bush Library. I am thrilled that it is here in Dallas so we can see it. A great deal of history was standing there yesterday. All of them for the most part went through some difficult times as President and as First Ladies as well. Then onto the Memorial Service in Waco for West, TX. It was something also that I thought about going to, but I knew with President Obama coming in, plus all of the security concerns with such a large crowd, knew it would be extremely difficult to even be anywhere close enough to see anything that was happening. Gosh, the line of fire trucks and vehicles; the first responders was just unbelievable. Our prayers are with everyone there in West. May they all find peace and ways to put their lives back together. I was out yesterday and a couple of our stores were doing things to take up donation to send to West. I though that was so awesome. Then of course we have all of the business about the surviving bombing man from Bostom and a great deal of speculation about the both of them might have been headed for New York to do much more damage possibly. We have this maniac, thank goodness. What concerns me is all of the other "home grown maniacs" out there that are just waiting in the wings, or making their plans to do the same or worse. I worry about chemical weapons, due to those being able to do much damage very quickly. Of course then Bangladesh and the deaths of so many in that building collapse. What a horrible thing to happen. Such a horrific loss of life, and sounds like many children and women. Then we have the Korean issues and all that is happening there. I don't think anyone really knows what to think about the ordeal. I fear just when we let our guard down a little that bunch over there could let loose one of those missiles or more. We still have all that is going on including Syria. That also is an ordeal that is extremely frightening. We could be right in the middle of that situation if chemical weapons are found to be used over there as we said we would not tolerate. So, there are many things going on as I write this that have effected a very large group of people over the entire world. Our nation is suffering from drastic weather changes, floods, droughts, and severe weather in places that never even saw some of the things they are seeing now. This world is having issues all over. It just seems things keep getting more horrific, with very little good news lately.

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