Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Rumours"... Destiny, Insanity, & All that Want to Harm Us...

As I got up to COLD weather this morning (crazy to believe a little over 24 hours ago it was 80 degrees here!!), this feeling of almost "fear" eerily crept in and overtook even the cold. I find it almost not fathomable to believe after the intense situation over in N. Korea, we as a nation seem to be "too calm".  Awaking and coming to read the news, I fully expected there to be more widespread talk of this insane "leader" of a "tribe" of brainwashed people, that for 60 years never laid down their weapons and called for peace, between the North and the South. My Dad fought in the Korean War, and we are still there, even after Dad is long gone, now facing even a worse situation than ever with them. Is this "talk of nuclear war" rhetoric, just talk? We have listened to it for many years. Through 3 generations, all of them have had their own list of threats towards our nation, their neighbors, etc. Up until now, I feel we always may have been a little "nervous" as we should be, anytime the mention of "nuclear war" comes up. But, this time to me, all of this "talk" is very different than the talk before. This person, that seems to be not only "crazy", but leads the line of someone that is totally psychotic, has an entire country hating us, for things that are not true. I have come to see that what they have been brow beaten to believe is all "propaganda", lies, and a form of brainwashing from the time children are born. Those people literally have no idea about what our country is truly about, and they believe we are the ones that are trouble makers, and are willing to cause them harm for no reason. In this day and age of communication throughout the entire world, from the internet, phones, news media, and you name it, he has been able to totally block out everything else happening outside of their own locked lives. It is difficult for me to fathom, that they are not allowed to "see" but exactly what that one man want them to see, hear and live. Even down to believing that we live in a country, where it is freezing all the time, and we are all starving due to freezing weather. They have been shown video's as if we are all standing in "soup lines" daily, waiting on one warm meal. Some of the things I read about on this nut, how can one person have that much control over a huge group of people? Are they that totally scared of him? Anyway, I got up thinking their maybe word of them firing off a missile or missiles. The warnings seem "imminent". But, are we to be frightened? Are we to think he does have the capacity to fire a rocket, that could reach Austin TX? and totally destroy our nation in other places as well? Hell, even if he can reach Guam, or Japan, or South Korea, that is enough to call for an all out, full scale, WW III. I know, we are bombarded right now, with the "rumors" of war. We are seeing more and more media talk about the "fulfillment" of the prophecies. Of people rising up against their own, neighbors, allies, friends. Of the total destruction of morality, of the way those can walk into a school and kill innocent children, or abuse their own kids with sex, and more. The drugs, the guns, the immorality, the drastic changes in weather, in the Sun, in the plagues of illness, drought, pests, famine, hunger, the way we are 80 degrees one day, and in a few hours 35 degrees. Our ice caps are melting, our oceans are dying. We are using up our resources quicker than they can be found. Our mutation of viruses, that have no medication to kill them. From the flu, to new strains of TB, we may have answers to one illness, but just turn and look all around you at the suffering going on today. How many millions of us suffer, needless, endless pain and illness daily? How many of us are suffering from broken homes, lost jobs, a country that the rich have taken their riches, and left those that have their "backs" to lose everything that they have worked for. Our government will not listen to what we, the people that after all elected them, and pay their salaries have to say, or what we want. Many of our "religious" people, those that are supposed to "lead" in the Lord's way, are abusing their powers in every horrid, unfathomable way. Not many care about their own neighbor, hell many do not even know who their neighbor is. Kids now know more about guns, war, sex, violence, and all of the "bad", by the time they get our of elementary school, than I did by the time I was 30! I realize that we hear many "rumors" of doomsday, etc. Yet, we also, if you are Christian, understand, that all that is happening, is the events leading up to the "Grand Finale". We know not the day, the moment, when, where or how exactly, but we do know, or should believe that it is fact, and once again, due to our own injustice leave this Earth (which at times seems like Hell anyway) to move onto paradise. All, my own opinion. I do not expect anyone to agree or not... yet, I do hope in your own ways of the mind and heart, you do think about just how things have led up to the rampage of horror we have almost grown accustomed to in this world now, which is sad.

Maybe I am the one insane... Rhia

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