Friday, April 19, 2013

How Much More Can Our Entire World's People Handle?

Lord, where do I begin? From right here in my own "back yard", to the events overseas in not just the Asian part of the world, but throughout many other part of the foreign nations, there is utter chaos. If you PAUSE, but only for a brief few moments of your precious time (and that is not facetious, our time, we truly should consider precious), and truly think about every horrid event that has happened since December 2012. IF I have that date correct, it would be specifically the 14th of December, which in the small town of Newton, CT, it was a morning that began as any other morning for the small kids and their families, anticipating the Christmas Holidays. I am sure most of those Elementary kids had their minds on getting out for the holidays, having their Christmas parties, exchanging gifts, Santa, and all that Christmas represented up until that fateful morning.Then, a "human" if you can call him human, took all of that away in a matter of moments. Within a few earth shattering minutes, the loud and reckless hail of bullets forevermore changed the lives of so many. HE took many, many lived, and totally turned other lives into something that many shall never be able to have back. The sense of security and innocence of kids, the holidays, those that will never grow up to become all of the incredible people they were to be. Their families forever also torn and crushed. Hearts broken, and they must at times be full of anger, resentment, and pure almost a hatred for not maybe the man, but HIS actions! No one may ever know why. They can guess, but he took that to his own destiny, locked away until we see the coming of Angels once again.
That was enough there to knock us all off of our feet in this nation. Yet, that was only the beginning of a very long string of events that are shaping, molding, wrecking. tearing apart, leaving broken up in pieces and changed until we take our last breath. We have the events here in TX, just a short drive away from my home town, in Kaufman TX that seemed almost too surreal. No one would ever suspect during the middle of a weekday morning, in a small town like TX, for an Assistant DA or anyone for that matter to be literally gunned down right in front of the court house! Talk about being "terrified"! Then the judge in Colorado killed in cold blood standing in his front door way. Then before you know it, again in Kaufman the head DA AD his WIFE are shot in cold blood at their own home, during broad daylight. Talk about someone either totally nuts, or just too stupidly brave for their own good, which was great for our law enforcement to now not just have caught one, the shooter, but his wife and another guy, all three involved in those slaughters of human life!
What is so horribly sad about these events, plus those that follow, is we are almost "immune" to these acts of violence and terror. We have became almost complacent about our news being filled with rage, horror, guns, violence acts of neighbor against neighbor, with NO remorse. Then most of these psychotic people are so damned much of cowards they take the easy road out and either kill themselves, or fix it where they go down as some kind of martyr's in a "hail of bullets from law enforcement". Or these that "blow" themselves up for the sake of some "Higher Power" they worship. They are no martyr's but a bunch of chickens, who have no remorse, no regard for human life, not once ounce of "decency" or morality running in their veins. I suspect many of the have "ice water" rather than blood that pulses through their bodies. I cannot fathom a flesh and blood human performing some of the most radically nightmare types of actions we have ever known as if it was child's play on a play ground. It is pure insanity. These people have more than a screw loose, more than some psychotic break, more than anger or rage. There has to be something to describe them over and above any kind of description we have had up until now. Words such as deranged, lunatic, nuts, crazy, insane, mad, demented, certifiable and the list goes on and on, none seem "strong" enough to describe what these "people" are.

From there we also see not only the things going on all around us on our home land, but across the ocean from us stands another crack pot, nut case, that has the possibly capability of not just maiming or harming, but literally killing hundreds of thousands of people, including us! This young man, someone who you would think just by looking at him, his wife and him together, talking about basketball, was some Korean person, also going about his life. But, boy is that ever far from what is true! This man has to possibly be as close to a devil as their is. Brain washed as those people are, and the hatred they have for most of the other part of this world, is hard to grasp. Yet, one man, around 20 years old honestly holds the "purse" strings to whether we live or die. Whether we are blown up with something that the bomb itself is bad enough, but the radiation would be the end all to the rest of this world. How can one person feel they can justify having that much POWER? Any "normal" everyday sane person certainly does not. Most of us do not even like to kill a "bug", and often times let things go like even snakes etc, due to the fact, first of all we are not killers, and 2nd of all, they are here for a reason, just as all of us. Which comes to the subject that all of us are asking, How could "God" allow these people to do these things or even exist? Well, all is written and it is destiny. As horrid as they are, their particular "purpose" is being fulfilled just as we have been told for many hundreds of years.
We don't understand it, but all will come to light, at the end of times. I am NO prophet! I am NO predictionist. BUT, in my OWN OPINION, the "beginning" of the end has began, and we see the signs all around us.
Not only in the ways above, but in the greed, the lack of empathy, the lack of care about our neighbors, friends, those around us. There is no remorse, but only a growing violent state everywhere you turn. Whether it be on the television, radio, in a game, in a newspaper, online, in your town, around the globe, nations and people are rising up against one another, for MONEY, GREED and POWER! Those are the three EVILS of these times.
Now we go onto "Mother Nature". Of course we play a huge role in "her" actions also. From droughts to floods, to record amounts of snow, severity of storms, more violent weather conditions, the ruination of our crops, our water, soil, and air. Our polar ice caps melting at a phenomenal rate. Our entire bee population dying out, and the scientists are not sure why, but they do know what shall happen if we lose all of our bees. They are one of the most important parts of our ecological system. Without them this world as we know it shall not be able to exist. Look at the wild fires taking thousands and thousands of acres of land, while the ice caps melt causing land that was never covered in Ocean now to be completely under. The number of horrific thunderstorms, producing more tornado's, more violent that ever before, dumping HUGE amounts of rain in one part of our nation, only to have severe drought conditions where no crops will grow, no animals can be sustained, and causing us to lose many of our precious insects, animals, and so forth that again help sustain life as we know it. The hurricane's force and the length of these just get more huge by the season. City after city totally destroyed by the strength of these massive storm systems, that cause snow, rain, hail, flooding, run off of land, changing the very way our beaches look forever, sink holes, avalanches, mud slides, and the sinking of places into the ground due to the way we have either "feast" or "famine" when it comes to rain and dry seasons. Our seasons are nothing as they were even 20 years ago. You often cannot tell the difference between Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter. I know right here this past Winter basically was non-existent. Which means lots of bad things for us. Not enough "cold" weather leaving all of the "bad" bugs to be way over and above normal to control. The trees, grass, bushes and such are all confused, blooming out either too soon, or not really even "resting" for the Winter season. We went from a "fall like feeling to almost a spring time" from November through April 2012-2013! It is crazy. We get up to put long handle pants on only to change into shorts by the afternoon, and by early morning it is in the 30's only to be 50 degrees hotter by that afternoon!!! The massive change have a drastic effect on our bodies also. We have interrupted sleep patterns, and an entire host of issues, physical, mental and emotional that the slow, but progressive changes in our weather patterns and seasons continue to cause us. From severe allergies, that you rarely used to hear of, to all types of other health issues, much of those could point back to what changes are happening around the globe.
Then, we come to this unimaginable explosion in West, TX. The date April 17th, that shall be a day that not one soul in that town of about 2,600 will ever forget. Lives once again changed forever. Plus all of the lives in the surrounding places of TX, and across the US, that shall forever be touched in some way by this test of what we as humans and Americans are made of. One moment you are sitting with your family at the dinner table or settling in to watch your favorite TV series, and the next your home is gone from around you! Unless you have experienced that, I really think we just cannot grasp the magnitude of what that entails. As much as we can try to empathize and come to the aid of all of those souls, and also give much, homage to those that braved going in to help, not knowing they would never come out. The community here in my own home town is also drastically effected due to us being kind of "kindred" spirits due to both being huge Czech communities. We both have our HUGE annual festivals, our Polka Festival at the end of May, and they have "West Feast". Thus I am sure there maybe those here in my home town that have loved ones directly effected by this nightmare. My prayer is that they find the cause, and also I can't help but wonder if some body "set" that first fire. That is state of thought, that I am sure many have had. It to me is almost natural to think that way, after all of the terrible things people have done to others lately, thus anything could happen. It could be someone out for "vengeance" . We certainly hope not, but anything lately is possible. Also TODAY April 19th, 2013  marks the 20th anniversary of the "Compound" of David Karesh, which is extremely close to where the explosion at this fertilizer plant took place. Oddly enough, that compound went up in a ball of flames, but much worse, due to the very nature of all that person thought "he" stood for. It is sad till this day, that many innocent people, including children lost their lives to such a senseless man.
I am not "leaving out" Boston and the bombs at all. Yes, I reversed it a little. but, since that situation is just another one that is difficult to fathom, and it also ongoing this morning as I write this, I wanted to put in further down here, in my post. How any two (or if there are more) "normal" two looking young men can decide to put two bombs, MEANT TO MAIM AND KILL people like that anywhere, much less a huge event such as the Boston Marathon is beyond my comprehension! Again, Greed, power, stupidity, hate, evil, insanity??? What the HELL drives someone to such a horrendous act against their own people? I am just stunned until even now as to why? And I don't care why they say they did, NOTHING, I mean nothing could make me think any of these horrid, senseless, devil like, evil acts, NONE of them have ANY justification!!!!! NOT ONE SOUL CAN JUSTIFY WHY THEY HARM AN INNOCENT PERSON! And when you do it in the name of your "god", then that is even worse.
There are of course all kinds of opinions, speculations, rumors and such flying around about all of these. There are also many more things that have taken place lately that also are crazy. The open fire in the movie Theatre. Shootings on College Campuses. Guns brought to schools or places they don't belong. The MINUTE by MINUTE KILLING of innocent lives in CHICAGO, and on  many streets here in our nation, and across this world, all senseless, all uncalled for.
WE need a wake up call, and we have gotten several very strong ones as of late. I HOPE, we are ALL SHAKEN UP, not just a little BUT A GREAT DEAL IN THOUGHT about all of these horrible acts, plus many more going on daily. Abuse, and every other thing that is just screwed up in our world. People, we need to rise up, and put an END to this violence.
You see many good deeds through all of these things. Those that are giving up their lives to help others. Running into a bomb zone, fire zones, shielding someone else with their own bodies against gun fire, and all of the ways people come together to rebuild homes, cities, towns and lives. To those I commend each of you. It does show we DO have some reason BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE in our country! May we all find a place to fully feel all of the nature of events good and bad. May we find peace inside, that can shine on the outside. May we also look to the heavens and pray for all of those hurting, and for all of our world, that our Higher Powered shall help dry the tears.

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