Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lots of things "resolved", others to pop up, still baffled by my issues with severe pain in my legs & some other joints...

Well, I will say the weekend was pleasant. I got a great deal done, plus got to rest also. I began work on a new quilt (FINALLY), I have been wanting to begin piecing together now for at least a year, possibly more. Between surgery, illness, and all of the other stuff life "chunks" at us, I am just now finding time to start on it. This week for a CHANGE, I "Hopefully" have no doctors visits (like I said I hope), and have completed several things that have been outstanding, as far as around the house, paperwork and so forth. I needed a document completed, that I thought would be an "easy" thing to get done. Turns out I ran into issues with one of my doctor's office managers. He was a real jerk honestly, which is nothing new. But, the entire situation that has been building now for awhile (I am not the only one that does not appreciate his derogatory ways), thus it in a way got settled last week. I am hoping it has been understood between that office, and myself. I hate to have to "fight" for everything when it comes to medical things. It if is not a prescription, it is an appointment, or the insurance company, or the pharmacy, or the incompetancy of someone, and lack of caring about people, and their own job. But, I can say between a prescription that I had to go to "bat" on, to an outstanding insurance claim on my Mom, that I finally had to write a long, detailed letter on and send it to a physician that has a stake in this surgical center, to finally getting "hopefully" a phone call stating my deep freeze ((it has now been over a dozen phone calls, emails & over 12 months of mess) to get this deep freeze that is just not sealing right, replaced. I added it up last night. If the company and I am going to mention them, "Haier" would have just "replaced" it at first, rather than try to fix something that had a flaw from the very first at the factory, they could have saved themselves well over 800.00 or MORE in time, parts, labor, phone calls and head aches. Now they still have to bring us a new one, and pick this piece of crap up, after all of their loss. It is insanity!

Actually, going quickly back to the entire "medical" situation. I just read a very interesting article about "doctors and their lack of communication" with patients! That is a subject I often speak about myself, as well as hear it from scores of online as well as close friends and family. It is one of the most frustrating things to go through, and it makes for a patient not understanding their own health needs. Plus it also causes a great deal of missed information if the doctors do NOT listen to us. Not two days ago, over that paper I needed filled out, I said "IF they would have given me 2 minutes" I could have explained what I was asked to do, and then the doctors office personnel would have understood my position. But, instead, the form was literally "thrown back into my lap" by this person, and I was basically told,  the doctors says go to this "other type of doctor" to get it signed. Well, in the first place, I did not even NEED that "type" of a doctor, and why would I go to a complete stranger to sign a form, that needs to be signed by my own physician that knows my entire medical history??? It was totally stupid. But, again this article is talking about just how patients do not understand, or doctors miss vital information because they do not listen, so tests get done wrong, or don't get done. Or worse, tests you do NOT need that drive up medical costs are done and not even necessary. Plus it makes for a mis-diagnosis that could result in issues of possible law suits. Having an extremely STRONG "communication" level with your doctors to me is even more important than some of the other things. Items that might get overlooked, are put out there, thus both parties get more correct information, which results in less office calls, visits, or hospital stays. It is a win-win, but many doctors were never "trained" in patient handling. I have heard it all. The ones that really drive me nuts are the ones that act like you are "nuts", or stupid. You come in, with possibly information you learned on line, about your symptoms, and you want to ask questions. Maybe they might be relative to your condition. Yet, you are quickly cut off by a disgruntled tone and look, along with something to the effect you do NOT know your self as well as the doctor does! Now, I understand THEY are the ones who went to school, etc... BUT an "INFORMED" patient about their on conditions, body, feelings, and symptoms, is normally a HELPFUL patient! We tend to give more information to HELP get diagnosed, not try to act as if we know it all.As my husband says, when we are chronically ill, we tend to concentrate our "research" on that one or more illness or illnesses, thus we get a great deal more understanding about one or a few things, which can be extremely helpful. Whereas doctors, have to know so much, about so many things, they may just "miss" something due to the fact they do not have time to do that much extensive research on something like RA, Lupus, FM and so forth.

Okay, enough of that. Off my "soap box". I could talk about that subject for weeks.

Back to getting some things caught up. OF course that means "Murphy's Law", or more like "Rhia's Law", when you feel caught up, look out, something else will happen, break etc. I got that paper fixed, we did finally get the right part for our clothes dryer and it is fixed. Our music room is cleaned out pretty well, and things put up in the attic. We found out the parts we need for our leaky kitchen faucet, and I ordered those. I got my Mom's income taxes done, signed, sealed and sent off yesterday. She is doing well, and I am so thrilled about that. The weather is getting nicer by the day. But, on the other hand, since we had little to no "winter" weather, the bugs, vermin, and those damned "lizard" things I hate are already rearing their ugly heads. I saw the first one on the porch last night dammit. No matter what anyone says, those things freak me the hell out. And nothing gets rid of them! I got a new hummingbird feeder in also, that is supposed to be "ant and bee" proof, thank goodness. We lost hummingbirds (well they would not stay) last year due to the stupid bees. We know we have a huge nest close. They were on our back lot in an old piece of a bus, but we think they have moved. Yet, they are close enough that they can find that hummingbird food if it leaks out the least bit, they can find it. Thus the number that come so suddenly, makes us know they do have that hive fairly close. We used to see them coming out of the side of the bus, but we did not last year. Thus we think they may have moved, just somewhere else, but still close.

I am hoping to get some work done on my 2nd poetry book this week also!:) Of course, if the days this week go by as fast as yesterday, it will be next Monday, before I even know what happened. I felt I got little done yesterday, yet it was almost 5 pm before I even looked up to see the time. So, I am going to try my best to combine house hold chores etc, with a week of reprieve hopefully from doctors appts, and be able to work on the quilt and my book! I still want to meet my own "deadline" on the 2nd poetry book. I really had my heart set on getting it published by the end of May. But, that will be here before I know it. So, I have a great deal of work to do before that deadline. If not, possibly by mid-June, depending on all of the other things in life that decide to interrupt us.

Take care... and thank you for "listening"... please comment any time.. I would love to hear from you!!!


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