Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father Day To all of the Fathers, Grandfather, Father to be, and those men that have been like a "Father" to some...

    Wishing All a very Happy and Beautiful Father's Day!

While I have this on my mind, and before I decide to probably run over and visit Mom, I thought I would say "Happy Father's Day" to ALL of the Dad's out there!!!!! My Dad passed away 10 years ago this past March 27th. Even though it has been 10 years, I still miss him almost everyday of my life. I find myself at times wondering how he would "do something" I may be working on, or when I am tending to my plants and lawn, how beautiful his lawn, garden, flowers and all used to be. I have all kinds of great memories, from "running over him" when I was 6 with my brand new bike. I begged for him to take the training wheels off and he finally did. He was working on some quail pens in the garage, he used to raise them, and I forgot the "brakes"... LOL... I ran right into the garage, over the pens, Dad and all... when I recall it now, it is just too funny... he was a man of many talents, from singing, to loving the outdoors, his lawn, a garden, he made home made jelly, he loved to hunt and fish... and I was just a bit of a tomboy back then, so just about anywhere he went, I wanted to be right there beside him.. I think many things I've learned from gardening and plants, to wanting people to just tell the truth, and he was the same, he would rather hear the truth no matter how badly it maybe, than to lie to him... He was "Overprotective" of me, but I came along many years after my half-brother... who went into the Air Force when I was about 5 or so, and spent 20 years all over the world until he retired. So, I was like an "only child" and a girl also. He like everyone was not perfect. But, I loved him and still do no matter how perfect or imperfect times were. He taught me the love of "people"... he enjoyed being around people, and always had the utmost respect, and I feel he was always well liked around our community. So, in honor of my own Dad, Minnis, and to ALL Dad's here and those who are now not on this Earth... I wish all a wonderful Father's Day!!! Enjoy your family, kids, spouse, friends... time flies by too fast.... Rhia Steele

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