Wednesday, June 24, 2015

PAIN! Pain and More Pain - My Hips, my lower back - I am trying to do everything I can myself at my house but these hips are just bad!!!!

RA? Lupus? Spondylitis? (ankylosing spondylitis) HLA-B27 "genetic marker",  Sjogren's? and everything else to go along with them!!!!

WELL IF MY HIPS AND LOWER BACK WERE NOT BAD ENOUGH, I spent my "EARLY" MORNING (ABOUT 7AM) this morning, having to "weed eat" some of my front lawn. It has gotten so tall, I was in fear to even walk though it... I feared with all this rain, snakes, and I hate those things... so, since for some reason all of a sudden, the guy next door, (that ALWAYS) helped to mow the yard, has not even looked at me, much less spoken, or even mentioned my yard. My back is as bad, but my lawn mower is also broken (the pull rope is broke) and I did find the manual a moment ago, so I may get that fixed. BUT, honestly I am NOT supposed to be "weed eating" or mowing especially... not after all of my surgeries etc... and my back and hips are to where I can't sleep at night, they hurt so badly, My Mom and I went to have blood work done yesterday, and it had to be "fasting" so we went early, and then the other labs that my Rheumy wants done BEFORE I can even think about trying the Zeljanx, was supposed to be done there, they had faxed over the orders over a week ago, and I get in, and guess what NO ORDERS,.. so I got on my phone, called and the woman said she would pull it and fax it immediately. Well, Mom and I both already had the other labs finished and "still no orders"...

SO NOW I will have to go back. I even had the Rheumy office call me yesterday evening and said they had faxed it THREE times... well that is just about how my PCP is... they put things on a "desk" and then it does not get into my chart, and now I have to go all over again, and I am a very difficult stick.. so he got a vein 1st try yesterday.. it would have been the perfect time to get all of the blood for ALL of the labs!!! BUT no orders... so I know I am having that discography done Friday early morning. It is about an hour away, with traffic of course up all the way in almost North Dallas at Medical City Hospital. So, that means my son has to meet me very early, and we will take my Mom's car. His truck is so far off the ground, I have heck getting in it after having anything done like this. So, we have to meet in time at my Mom's to get to Dallas and to Medical City by 7AM Friday Morning... LONG DAY for both of us... because he lives up close to Dallas and has to drive down here, get me then drive me up there... I could go myself, but they will I think put me under "twilight" at least for this procedure, so I won't be able to drive myself home.... I didn't even get but about half of my yard cut down enough, and I had to stop.. the sun was coming up over the trees and I sure as Hell do not need another LUPUS FLARE!!!

So, now my front yard is "half chopped down"... me and the weed eater have heck... it is not all that heavy, but my arms are so weak after surgeries and so on, so they were like "jelly" by the time I got a bit over half of the really tall weed mess down... I am so in a pissy mood... I am so pissed that "someone" else wanted ALL of this, home, lawn, wanted to "remodel" and now who is stuck with it half assed remodeled and now going to have to do as much myself, and then I guess hire the rest out... and I guess someone thinks I am "rolling in the bucks"... NOT!!! REALLY????!!! Plus I am sure just like the injections a few weeks ago this trip Friday will be 250.00 my co-pay... I got to thinking the other day and thought, well, I can power wash the house, and get windows redone, and paint the back bedroom... and paint part of the outside... and then get someone to lay the floors where I need them... bathroom, kitchen and finish out my laundry room.. but I still need my lights and a fan finished as far as the electrical part... they are partially done, but SOMEONE never finished those, nor even "mudding" the bathroom... and I can't do "mud"... I mean sheet rock mudding... lots I can or used to be able to do... but some of this is beyond my body's limits for sure.... so needless to say, I am in a pissed off state of mind, about this entire ordeal... but it will get done one way or the other... because I DON'T GIVE UP...

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