Monday, June 15, 2015

I am here still with the Flares, and more... Lupus. RA, Xeljanz, insurance, and Chronic Illnesses and Pain

 I 've added 3 photo's of what the side on my right knee looks like now.

I thought I should post, so everyone would not think I had up and disappeared! LOL!!! I would imagine "some" people could care less if I disappeared forever and to eternity! ;)  But, that is another very LONG story for another TIME when I feel I can "blog" a bit more as far as my own situation goes. For now, first of all, I am thrilled to be helping WEGO on several projects. I also am of course continuing my Platinum Ambassador activism. I also of course also post, blog, and so on about other chronic illnesses, and chronic pain. My pain level has been out the roof! Yet, I realize that others are either as bad as I am, OR possibly worse. I have been just as busy as a bee with things here at home. From taking down old desks, cleaning closets and dresser drawers, sanding on the inside windows in the spare room... to getting rid of LOADS of things that either have not been used in eons, never will be, are probably to old to use, and things that are generally worn out. I HATE a home full of "stuff" that is just that, stuff. So, I am pairing down a great deal of everything in each and every nook and cranny of this house. I am also in the process of finding my Mom an Orthopedic doctor. She has got to have her hip seen about. It is to the point that even Mobic, and it is a strong NSAID is not helping her. She is "still limping that leg and hip. So, it is more than time to have it X-rayed and get a specialist to either give her an injection into that hip, or something needs to be done. Of course my own issues with my hips, both, and lower back are also nuts. I had to POSTPONE the discograph again due to these flares and the "immune" situation for now, especially with prednisone... thus I am GOING to have that done a week from today on the 22nd... and I hope this time I can get there, and get it over with. I am ready (well no one is ever ready) to discuss "what" needs to be done, not done, and how to deal with the ordeal. I have to get a huge amount of blood work done, especially the "TB Gold" test, before my insurance will think about covering Xeljanz. So, I will go in later in the week to get that done. Then if the insurance will okay it, I will be trying the Xeljanz for the RA etc. I know I had a couple other things to "say" but now I cannot remember them... alas brain fog... ;)

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