Sunday, June 7, 2015

Osteoporosis And My "Severe" Range Numbers...

I haven't been able to sit and write much. I was gone for a couple of days for a "girls get away" trip with my Mom. We went to OK, to the Winstar and just had an incredible time!

But, with the issues I've had with my very lower spine and hips, the sitting really did me in. I've spent the last two days trying to recuperate, and I am already having massive issues with severe pain, burning, even all the way down into my heels at times. A CT scan shows some issues at L-5/S-1 & 2. But, it is really not able to tell us just how badly it is. I suspect a probable compression fracture or maybe 2 due to the severity of my osteoporosis. It was something I never really thought much about until I had my first bone scan about 3 years ago. I was totally blown away by finding out I had not just the disease, but SEVERE osteoporosis.

I began doing research to find out, due to the RA, Lupus, Prednisone for the illnesses, my tiny bone structure, and several other things all contribute to my having this disease. My hips are totally with it, as well as my "femoral neck" and my lower lumber spine. Thus I feel that is where the compression fracture or fractures could be. Due to having a internal pain pump I can't have an MRI. But, we already know, I have had more than one time of having a "scan", then going on with surgery only to find out the surgery really showed the severity of my problems. My joints are just being destroyed.

Anyway, I had not wrote but a bit about it, so I decided to at least post this, along with this URL:

And I will continue later... ;)

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