Saturday, October 17, 2015

More News You can use - an article about what a patient with Lupus wished other people without it Understood and more...

I began this "daily paper" and it is based on the information that I would like to share with others. Health, Technology, sometimes specific information about cancer,Lupus, RA and other illnesses... but usually a couple of times a day I refresh it so the latest news comes up when someone reads it! I've not said much about it yet, since I was trying to get a feel for if it would be something worth my time... and now after several weeks, I do feel it brings forth some very interesting information that is specific and pertinent to what I want to share with my family friends, and readers, and of course now my blog people! So, there has been an add for it on the right side of my blog for awhile, and I decided to post a blog post about it now, so others can see what it is like, and see if some of the information is helpful to you! The link to the latest addition is above! Please tweet, or share it if you feel you would like to pass it on, and if you want please comment so I know how you all feel about the articles.... more to come soon Rhia

IF my typing is "off" I broke a pinkie nail off below the quick yesterday evening closing my back fence! So, I am trying to catch any thing I misspell :)   )!headlines

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