Friday, October 23, 2015

NNow just when I thought it could NOT get WORSE my Pain pump Stalls!

Well I only thought things could not get worse - my PAIN PUMP "Stalled" yesterday and now I am probably getting no medication at all from it... I did not figure out until late yesterday the "beeping" sound I was hearing was my Pump going off and not my weather radio! O had taken a bolus in the morning about 8 AM yesterday, but then at 4 PM I started to give myself a bolus and it make the sound  like not it was not time yet... so I looked at it and discovered it was sending out an error message "8476" that means "Call your doctor, pump has stalled" now it is going off about every 15 minutes and I am beginning to "know" by the way I feel I am not getting medication.... but my pain docs office is closed on Fridays and I left a message at almost 5 yesterday in fear I would hear from no one, thankfully the nurse had gotten my message, called the Rep from Medtronic who called me right back himself... but the only way to know what is going on for sure, and what to do to "fix it" is meet him where he can run diagnostics on it... that means going to Dallas this morning in possibly HORRIBLE weather.... which I hate Dallas without slick roads much less slick ones and raining... but I have not much choice... I am beginning to "feel" the withdrawals from me not getting meds, and the pain is slowly getting worse... I have oral pain meds to take, but I have to make sure, that I am not getting meds from the pump, so I don't take too much oral pain meds... I am just through with it all... I've already been in a horrid mood and feeling about things all week, with everything going on, the vvery last thing I need is to possibly face "surgery" on this pump... if it cannot be "fixed", then they can turn it off, but that mean oral meds, which will take a great deal more medication than with the pump... I am just at my wits end... I did not sleep, I am beginning to know the pain meds are not in my system, and the pain is increasing, and now I face if I go horrible weather to boot to Dallas..., it never ends... plus No one to take me on top of it all....

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