Friday, April 29, 2016

HELP! anyone in the Ennis TX Area that could help me out with my Mom over a weekend in May? (see info below)

I NEED A BIT OF HELP!!!! Does Anyone know of someone who could help out with an Elderly Woman that has some "Dementia" here in Ennis, for about 4 to 5 days? I have been given a full grant to go to Nashville TN with the Arthritis Foundation later in May from the May 20th thru May 23rd, From a Friday Thru Monday. I just need someone dependable who can go in, check on Mom, make sure she eats something, (I will have things prepared to just warm up) and make sure she is okay, takes her medications, (which I also will have ready for each day in a pill box) - probably about 2 hours or so a day for those 4 to 5 day.  

I have "Home Health Care" but they really do not do much of that type of thing and they come during the week. I JUST found out that I was awarded the "grant" 2 days ago, so I know this is a last minute thing. She lives right here in Ennis, and there is no cleaning, (other than maybe washing a plate) etc... just checking on her, getting her to eat a bit, and giving her an Ensure, and whatever she wants to drink. IF you KNOW of someone PLEASE MESSAGE ME IMMEDIATELY... 

I NEED TO KNOW TODAY, really so I can let the Foundation know so they can make my flight arrangements and so forth. I will post this on other pages also, but it would be awesome if I could find someone to help me out. I had to turn down an opportunity last year due to my husbands severe accident, and this is a rare thing to get this grant and attend... Thanks so much, Rhia (Pam)

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