Sunday, April 24, 2016

The #MIT 2016 Medical Grand "Hack-A-Thon & a One Minute Video of What YOU FEEL May Help to Change The World of Health from Today - April 29th thru May 1st 2016!

Here is the initial page that tells you what type of "video" they are looking for. It needs to be of course about something in the medical world, that you feel would be of a HUGE Benefit to "change some course of action in our realms of the medical issues today". Only a minute long, and it could be exactly what may bring great results and help to move forward a positive force in the Medical World!

Here are the links:

Here is the U-Tube Page:

Here is a snippet of information from the main page to help you understand what they are looking for! This could be FUN! I just have to make sure I have my "face-on" LOL... in other words look "okay for in front of my camera" before recording it!

Let's see how many can put "their face on in the realms of Medicine" and make some incredible changes. After all PATIENTS MORE THAN ANYONE UNDERSTAND WHAT CAN CHANGE TO MAKE THINGS BETTER! 




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