Thursday, April 7, 2016


With a WORLD FULL of terrible diseases, illnesses, syndromes, and places that lack healthcare, fresh drinking water, food, & even being able to live in more of a sanitized place, all seems impossible when so many of us take for granted clean drinking water, food, and being able to live where we are in more sanitary conditions.

Yet, with all of that said, look at HOW MANY OF US, even in the best of places, still have so many chronic health conditions, that often go untreated, and even undiagnosed for a very long period of time.

In a Nation, who is supposed to be a Leader of the Free World, and the amount of funds the pour into all types of Health Organizations, we still deal with cancer, all types of AUTOIMMUNE DISEASES, that have NOT even been really explained, and so much more needs to be known about them.

When you walk through your stores, you see all kinds of people, old and young, that are either obese, or are "appearing to be ill", or weak, and our pharmacies seem more full of those standing in line for prescriptions each day.

We still have many, many diseases that are not answered, we do NOT have a viable reason for why they exist, or why we cannot find a way to destroy them. With our "global' society becoming closer each day, with airlines, and fast transportation, severe diseases, such as the latest "Zika", or something such as measles, or polio that had once almost been eradicated from the free world, and many of our nations, NOW are coming back to our nation, and nations that thought they were free of dealing with something such as the whooping cough, or diseases that we only have to be inoculated from if we are traveling to certain countries. Scarlet Fever is another disease long thought been wiped off our continent, and yet in certain places it has reared its ugly head again.

Small Pox is another disease that we long ago were able to quit getting vaccinated for, yet in some of these countries where they have no way to be vaccinated, that live in horrid conditions where such types of viruses, diseases, and germs live, those illnesses can spring forth, and one day be a problem globally once more...

We feel like with all of our hand washing, laundering, keeping our homes as free of germs as we can with different cleaners, sprays, and viral fighting defenses, that we would stand to be more free of getting such illnesses.

Yet, look at the flu... it appears to mutate every flu season, and we stand fighting not just against one or two strains, but 3, 4 or more strain of flu, of pneumonia, and we find that we get a vaccine in place that may work for years, and once those viral or bacterial diseases "mutate" the vaccines we have may be useless to fight them.

So, give heart today for it being World Health Day! Think about our communities, and how we try and live as cleanly and "germ free" as possible. Then we can step into a doctors office, or a hospital, or just grab a basket at the local supermarket, and pick up all types of illnesses just by touching a handle where someone else ill has just touched it.... we have so many diseases that are airborne and are extremely contagious, that just being in the room with someone can cause you to become ill, even through hand washing and antibacterial hand wipes and so forth.

As our world continues to grow LARGER, yet we BECOME EVER CLOSER with our modes of transportation today, we become more susceptible to all types of diseases we may not even know or have a name for yet.

We can help to fight some of these off by trying to stay "healthy" as possible ourselves. Getting proper daily nutrition, getting some exercise daily or several times weekly, making sure we get enough sleep, trying to lower our stress levels, doing things to keep us from possibly catching some illnesses like the flu by having the vaccine, by washing our hands often, or grab one of those hand wipes at the store and wipe off the handle of your basket, and take time to be aware of symptoms of "sick people" who are sneezing, or show signs of not feeling well, and educating ourselves on the ways we can try and fight diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and other illnesses that we can try and prevent by doing a few smart things...

Most of all, try and add some "fun", laughter into your day. Whether it is petting your dog or cat, playing with your kids, having a good healthy dinner around the table with family all together, talking about your feelings, telling your physician about sudden new symptoms, there are ways we can try and remain as healthy and have as wonderful of a life as possible....


As I was writing this in my blog, I had thought about small things we sometimes take for granted, like changing out our toothbrushes often, or our sponges or towels we use in the kitchen, or I know for me, I put out a new "shower net" or whatever you want to call the shower netted balls... quite often ... wiping down things such as your keyboard, or remote controls for your home appliances, and at work as well, keyboards, phones, your desk, all places we may not think of but germs can lurk easily. Even for women our makeup. We should take heed of the advice of the experts and not keep foundations, eye shadows, mascara's and all of those types of things for too long without replacing them. My towel in my bathroom, I change sometimes twice weekly, especially in warm weather. Although I am sure there are things I forget or do not think about as much as I should, even wiping off my handles on the fridge, microwave,sink faucets, and oven, and knobs, I try and remember to do frequently.... I know as bad and humid as our summers are in TX, I also run bleach through my washer often with warm water, to clean out all of the mold or whatever maybe hiding, and it helps to keep tree roots from clogging your pipes I found out from a plumber that came out for me... I was having heck with a clog, and he said here that tree roots even through the pipes you would never think that they could get through can eventually the tiny pieces get into those pipes in the ground and cause clogs... so he recommended that I buy a cheap bottle of bleach about once a month, and pour some down my drains, and toliet, then I can get to my "cleanout" easy, and open it and pour the rest down into it... that would help to rid those tree roots from clogging my pipes.... anyway, we are all living in a "too busy" world... I know mine is, I feel I barely have to time breathe some days... but some of these "little things" could keep us from becoming HUGELY ILL!!!!

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