Sunday, April 24, 2016

"New Way" of Asking about a Patient's "Pain Level"!

I have often wondered why with all of the medical knowledge and technology we have, why someone has not invented a "new type" of pain scale.

This "1" to "10" is so totally "not really" giving anyone a true look at what a patient's pain truly is... I mean what is a "3" to someone, versus another it maybe an "8"?

If there were another way to "give someone an example of what those numbers actually meant" then I feel our medical professionals would also have a much better understanding of what that individuals pain level is. In fact just this week, Home Health Care's Nurse that came over to see my Mom for the 1st time asked her "pain level". Well, 1st of all, my Mom just over the past 6 months really began to have "serious daily chronic pain". Up until that time, she was not even sure what that "1 to 10" was. Sure, it is on the walls at the doctor's offices, hospitals and you are always asked, BUT still for someone especially in chronic pain, it can be baffling to describe what that means to that person,

So, I read an article just this week and it had a posting of a brand new way, of taking that 1 to 10 and putting "real life" examples to it, that most can relate to. Here is the chart below:
This was put out by the American Chronic Pain Association and is definitely a much better way of people stating what their pain level is, and what pain level "they" can "live with"....

Plus those with chronic pain, really do go through most of these examples throughout any one day, week, month, and year. In one day, there are times that I may feel like a "6".... but within hours, that may change for a number of reasons, and go to a "2".... and I am willing to bet MOST of us with all these different reasons and types of Chronic Pain will feel the same. I am actually going to print this, and from now on, take it to any office visit etc.... when pain needs to be described. I feel by showing this to my health care workers, nurses, doctors and such, this will make much more sense than me saying I have a "9" but I can live with a "3"... well a "3" under most circumstances is TOO MUCH PAIN to have to bear, especially by the older way of thinking... and an 8 things such as childbirth, kidney stones, severe days of RA/Lupus flares and Arthritis, and depending on what I have done or not done can make that happen, yet within a day or two, I can be at a 4.... again thougH that id NOT AN ACCEPTABLE AMOUNT OF PAIN TO LIVE WITH DAILY! IF CHRONIC DAILY PAIN, PUTS YOU IN YOUR HOME, UNABLE TO DO MOST OF YOUR ACTIVITIES, THAT IS TOO MUCH PAIN TO HAVE TO LIVE WITH!

I Hope that this "New Chart" will give you a better example as how to describe "your own pain" to your doctors. I know for me, it is definitely a better system than the old way!

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