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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Just cannot get WELL, C.DIFF BACK AFTER ONLY 5 DAYS, broken collarbone and shoulder blade,, weeping Eczema spot after all almost well begins weeping I hexed???


 I am sick and tired of getting "well" only to become ill again within a week! The (C.Diff or whatever) came back after 6 days of going away... I still cannot pinpoint what the hell is causing it. And the one tiny spot (after just about ALL of the weeping Eczema is gone) suddenly the top came off of it and it began slowly seEping AGAIN!!! As I said only son's pot, think honestly I am "cursed", hexed... or something that... I know that sounds almost insane not a usual "human issue" in health. 

But, to have SO MANY THINGS HAPPEN within a short time after Jim left in the wind back to Seattle, I have had nothing but grief and heartache... my Mom passed away, i lost my teeth and had to have dentures made, I fell and broke my hip and spent 5 weeks in inpatient rehab...lost both Tazzy and Bub's suddenly, got this C. Diff or WHATEVER THE HORRID STUFF IS, but it goes away and is back within weeks, broke my collarbone and shoulder blade, it seems it just continues on and on... I FEEL HE HAS SOME KIND OF HORRID GRIP ON ME EVEN FROM THE GRAVE! Hard to explain how MANY THING HAVE GONE WRONG WITH ME, AND THEN THE HOUSE... hot water leaks, then ruined laundry room with mold, toilet still need to be reseated, my lawn is horrible, and I can't get out and work on it as usual, too hot,, then all the illnesses etc, .... praying, praying praying yet iI feel hexed, cursed, punished for "something" and I have no clue what or why!🥲😢👎🔥💔☣️❓❓

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Through many prayers,Thankfully I am (extremely slowly) beginning to get my strength & hopefully heal

I've been so ill, for so long, I have lost track of how mainly weeks, months? I am much too weak still to do I have to try to pace myself, rest often, & try to remember all of the things that my hoe is in need of, can be done once I am able to have more strength..even just trying to type wers me down & causes my hands to swell.. and that is why I am not online much. Honestly, I'm not even sure "what all" physically wrong... I know the bacterial infection of my intestinal tract (c Difficile) seemed to have started all of this off, and kept coming back... it is highly contagious, & once you have it, then you can be more suseptible to getting it again. AsI hope to heal & regain my strength back, I will tell the entire story from when I believe it all started...

I've had to learn if I need a "hand up" or a word of faith and hope, someone who understands your momentary set back in life, or someone who tells you they care understand and give you a prayer.. I had to come to where my true friends are and tell my sadness, hurt, or difficulty.. 

For without me asking I shall never receive, that persons saying they understand, they lift you up, pray for you and say there shall be better days. Some of of tend to have MORE problems, from illness, trauma, or just what someone might call a "run of bad luck". That is when lying that cross down and asking for others to pray for them, or needing need to hear from others that have been through that same thing.. through the "tsunami" of the times in life when you feel just just can't take another set back, face another illness or surgery, or get bombarded with the junk of life, a friend can lift you up by just a few wonderful words, or prayers, that puts you back in your own drivers seat and takes the gloom out of your life.

 Anyone who claims to have never have had difficult times, to have never been struck down by loss, grief, to have felt the harsh time of depression, or felt worthless are not facing life as it comes to them. I often think back upon my years in life, & see that a weight, a cloud, a mystery of of the unknown tend to fall my way. If I share it with others then they can feel lifted up and not so alone & I get the thoughts & prayers back.Ah, but you must "ask before you will ever receive"...