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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Let The Water Come and Carry You Away....

I had posted a long post last night, and for some reason FB lost it! I know better, usually I make sure I copy them before I hit the "send" button.... but the jest of it was my thoughts yesterday about our lives, especially mine at this time, being like a "river".... we go through so many different aspects, changes, sometimes we feel they are not so great, and often we don't really grasp the "why's", when, how of life. I had really found comfort last night, in thinking about my life, and once again it evolving, revolving, and "flowing" forward... most rivers never flow backwards... thus once the water has flown under that bridge, it will never go back... such as life... once this moment is over, it is done... finished... just as by our "Higherpower" said about the "7th" day of Earth... "'tis finished"... and was also know ass when all happened as it did on the "Mountain" once his Son has passed away, again, Tis Finished.... I am not trying to "make" this about "religion" at all, but those events for my own personal self remind me, that I am in this place, at this time, for a specific purpose... why things have happened as they have I don't truly know... some I've had an "open heart to" and it seems I've found a "new vision"... I am seeing my own world, and all the world with new eyes, along with a new mind set.... no longer shall I "blame" myself for what I have no control over... we cannot control actions that we can't control.... we can't "make" or not make someone else do something, we cannot change the weather, or stop the rain from falling. We cannot stop Mother Nature" and even though we can gripe and moan about it, it is just as it is... and as is supposed to be...I really wished I had not "lost" my post from last night.... it was a "Revelation" for me... and the way I worded it was what came through my heart and mind so clearly... but again I also "can't" control Facebook either.... SO, what I will finish this with, as I go and get ready to attend church again this morning is - one of my very favorite songs.... the lyrics "fit" so well, and it was THE SONG I heard back when I was 21 years old... that on a fateful night CHANGED the direction of my "flow of life" forever. Had the events that happened that night, happened any differently, I may not even be here, or I could be "lost" in a sea of horrible demise... so the song.... the lyrics... - "so much time to make up everywhere you turn, time we have wasted on the way... so much water moving underneath the bridge... let eh water come and carry us away...."   We often "lose" so much of life, time, thought... by "wasting" it on the things we cannot control.... yet if you allow those waters to flow... underneath that bridge... it will certainly carry you exactly where you need to be... love you guys and gals that support me so much... Rhia

Wasted On The Way Lyrics

"Wasted On The Way" is track #14 on the album Greatest Hits [

"Wasted On The Way"

[Intro. (Acoustic Guitar and Electric Piano)]

Look around me
I can see my life before me
Running rings around the way it used to be

I am older now
I have more than what I wanted
But I wish that I had started long before I did

And there's so much time to make up everywhere you turn
Time we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away

[Instrumental (Fiddle)]

Oh, when you were young
Did you question all the answers
Did you envy all the dancers who had all the nerve

Look around you know
You must go for what you wanted
Look at all my friends who did and got what they deserved

So much time to make up everywhere you turn
Time we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away

So much love to make up everywhere you turn
Love we have wasted on the way
So much water moving underneath the bridge
Let the water come and carry us away
Let the water come and carry us away

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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Does "RA" along with other "Chronic Illnesses" Harm Relationships?

I could go on and on about this ONE subject. The article itself touched on many aspects. But, the one thing it did not hone in on is all too often WITH RA, comes "other illnesses"... Lupus, Sjogren's, etc... and then it can effect your other bodies parts, your heart, your lungs, your brain... plus as he said it is like the "3rd" wheel of a relationship... then throw in that the OTHER PARTY, the one that was "well" suddenly is totally thrown for a loop physically. The person that "helped" through the flares, surgeries and so on, suddenly is NOT even able to care for themselves in so many ways. Then what? How can "any" person, much less a relationship withstand that kind of stress? I do realize there are many that do... and they get through it, and they are closer, than ever. I always thought that would be "my life".... way before RA, and illness... yet LIFE can turn on you within a breath's space... every plan, every dream, every idea, all of the things you have planned to do as you "grow old" together. are thrown out... NOT just the "bathwater"... but the tub, & yes I guess you could say the "baby"... but I use that at the moment for a lack of a better way to put it.... these illnesses "eat you alive".,. they do break up families, they do cause divorces and separations, they do cause harm to friendships, and they effect each and every aspect of life... they do make you angry, mad, pissed, upset, feel guilty... and feel more guilty and even MORE GUILTY!!!! Much of what will be my in 3rd book, if I ever get finished will probably be on this subject. Lord knows, I have no answers... I only have "the fires" of what life is bestowed upon me to walk through and some of them have freaking "burned" me in a 3rd degree type of way, leaving their scars for sure. I am going to post this on my blog, as well as go into more detail later in the day today or over the weekend. Plus I also have several other things I want to put on my blog that have happened...

Sunday, April 5, 2015

News To Muse - #HAWMC Wego's Writers Challenge 2015 "Breaking News"

First of all, I am sure, like myself, many of us really "want" to talk about our triumphs, yet we don't want to seem to be "gloating", "selfish", or as if we feel w are the only people in this world that are doing things "right".

The last 5 years have been up and down for me. Right off the very first, my main accomplishment, that took the entire year of 2014, was to become a "Platinum Ambassador" for the Arthritis Foundation! When I received the email telling me that, I was a bit more than elated. It did take a great deal of effort on my part to go that "extra mile" as it's called, to get to be in that "status" for the AF. Hand in hand with that, was my 2014 Washington DC Summit on the Hill visit, that I went on with the Arthritis Foundation, and I got to do ONE of the couple of things I had always dreamed of in life. That one was to "stand upon the steps of the White House" and tell my own story of the horrid nightmare of these illnesses, ranging from Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteoarthritis, JRA, and of course other autoimmune illnesses that can sometimes run hand in hand with them.

There I was, living my dream. I did get to tell my own story, several times to members of Congress and/or their legislative assistants. I did not really "stand upon the steps of the White House" to do it, but being in the Halls of Congress, both House and Senate was close enough.

I was proud that I had been able to develop a good relationship with my Federal Representative in my District, which included getting to go to a "Town Hall Meeting" last year when he was here, back home where I could also once again tell my story.

In the past 5 years, I've also got to live my first dream I guess you could say. I became a "published" author. What was even sweeter about that deal, was that I not only got one book published, but actually published 2 books, within about 6 months apart.

I am thrilled that my activist, advocate. and ambassador tasks are becoming more. In other words, rather than just contributing to my own Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Blog; I've been able to do many other items of advocacy work with some very famous non-profits, which I feel in itself has been and will continue to be a remarkable force that within me, drives me to want to help others. So, those things I do that make life either less painful, less stressful, possibly develop research in the future, or even find a cure, I am thrilled that I have remained steadfast in my activism. I hope to for many years to come.

I've had several articles published about my activism, as well as about my books being published in our local newspaper. That is always something that gives me a feeling of "accomplishment". Even though there are many places I wished would pick up on my blogging and writing, if I never do, I will always and forever feel the pride that comes with having a blog that stays very up to date, and being able to see others follow me on Facebook or Twitter.

I have also had 3 different "Proclamations" dedicating an entire month to "Lupus Awareness". Two of those were actually were signed by the Governor of Texas. The other was signed by the Mayor of my town. I have those proudly framed and on my wall around my desk.

I've survived having ALL of my teeth pulled because of the Sjogren's literally rotting them from the inside out within less than a year. So, it took almost a year to the day that I spent several occasions in the dentist chair for hours, getting the rest pulled, then having dentures put in. Due to the Sjogren's then the last portion that actually just took place, was to have "mini implanted titanium pins" put into my bottom jaw, in order to hold my bottom dentures in place. Between my own bone structure, and the lack of saliva because of the Sjogren's, I spent about 4 months trying to keep those bottom ones from "floating" around anywhere they pleased. I just finished the process up on March 31st, a few days ago. Believe me, as many things in life can be nerve racking, having that many teeth have to be pulled (even though some had not fallen out, they showed in the special digital X-ray to be all rotted). I would not wish any of that on an enemy. But, sometimes we have no choice in life but to do something that is not really all that pleasant.

So, all in all, even though I am not one to be able to "pat myself on the back", or "toot my own horn", I will say that over the years I've been elated with my own actions that lead into helping others. Those are the moments that I am the proudest of.

WEGO Writer's Month Challenge  #HAWMC