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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Latest Addition of my New Newspaper that goes out Daily "All Things Autoimmune"

Here is the link:


Above is the LINK to the Latest Addition of my New Newspaper! This Will be Daily, and I update it sometimes twice in a day or so. It has a GREAT DEAL of the latest information about Lupus, RA, Sjogren's, Chronic Pain, Lumbar, Cervical Spine issues, along with other health information for you to read and use. I had began this kind of as an "experiment" and decided I liked it so well, that I would make this a daily, permanent addition to my blog, and my Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and other social media informational places. It will have things about new Technology, mostly health but other forms also. I am able to choose what it has in it and "tweak" it for my readers. So, PLEASE use this link where you can put in your email address and "subscribe" to the daily addition. It will send you an update if I do an update, so you can have the latest information.

Bear with me, I am doing a "revised
" look and feel. I've upgraded so I am in a learning curve as to how to do some of the new things I want to do. But, until then I post the link daily in FB, Twitter, IN, and so forth so everyone can find the new paper for the day!

 Here is a "thumbnail" of the top portion of today's paper. This way you have an idea of what it looks like right now...

Honestly, I have been quite pleased with the articles and information it provides. It has made a world of difference on researching the subjects that are important for health issues, technology and how it all effects us....

Friday, February 26, 2016

The Latest Daily Addition of my newspaper "All Things Autoimmune".... For Friday morning February 26th....

The Newest Addition of my Daily Newspaper "All Things Autoimmune" from Chronic Pain and the possibility of Yoga and mindfulness & the Science it, to Green Tea helping Ra (a possibility) a great deal of new information for all of you! Interesting, I drink green tea usually iced especially in the Spring and Summer months, plus I have taken a green tea supplement for years, but more for helping "weight control" due to it's boosting of your digestive system, plus new information from the CDC about about effective the flu vaccine is....

I put my newspaper out daily, and usually I update it and put it out twice daily. The subjects that I usually put out there are things about Lupus, RA, and autoimmune illnesses, BUT, there are also many articles about chronic pain, our environment, about technology, the latest in medical science and its technology and more. So, there is something for everyone in most additions...please check it out and I will post a link daily here for everyone!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Trying something new - A "daily" Online "Paper" about Autoimmune Illnesses, Writing, Chronic Pain, Family, Coping, Surgeries & more

Autoimmune Arthritic Systemic Life Daily – Rhia


A "Daily online Newspaper"  I am "Customizing"  for my own interests, advocacy, activism,Ambassadors, Illnesses, Family and Coping...

This is new for me.. not sure if I will keep it.. it depends upon time, and all in between. I don't want to begin yet another "tool" since I really need to put my efforts into finishing my 3rd book and my blog, advocacy etc. But I thought for the moment I might give this a try.

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